Interesting/Unique/Simple? request

Basically looking for someone to draw something up for me, nice and simple… Being that I’m without a tablet again for the time being… I’m having trouble trying to mouse it in by myself…

So here’s what’s up:

I’m working on a stick art for a nice chum here on SRK, and he wants a Lichi stick. Given that I love to do unique stick arts for people, I try and find new and interesting things to incorporate… I was having trouble getting past drive symbols and other silly things, until I remembered:

She’s got an emblem on her dress! Of what, I’ve no idea certainly.

But, getting hooked up with a clean, properly angled lineart of that symbol would be godlike. =]

No one’s going to hook it up? Hmm…

i would but my vectoring skills are more or less non-existent but I can try!

Well, I was talking more of just sketching it up. If need be I can vector it.