Interesting Unmashable



This may have already been said, or may not be too useful.

but alot of people complain about the unmashable with psylocke because they can’t follow up with anything since it’s a normal jump.

Well i add something extra to mine in order for me to land faster, and i’m not sure yet but there may even be a way to make it a juggle instead of a OTG.

The normal Pylocke unmashable:

Launch, RH, ad d/f Lk, lk (not too low is how i do it shrug) then i jump up and i do lk, lk Call Psylocke and usually i may cancel immediately into the temptest.

Here are a few things tho, In normal jumps you can call your assist at any time, some people may not know that, but that isn’t what helps this (this just may help you get the timing more)

But I like to whiff round house after the lk, lk call psylocke and then cancel into temptest, it helps land faster, and the longer you can keep it in roundhouse frame the closer you’ll get to the ground, but you have to keep a balance between getting as much of the RH and not missing the temptest.

So it’s

Launch, RH, ad d/f Lk, lk , normal jump lk lk call psylocke/RH *whiff *(forgot which i do first) cancel temptest

Then sometimes i can catch them in what seems close to a juggle and continue the combo.

(Note: experiment on different times to cancel RH into temptest, that’s all i can say)

Hope it helped.

(you can also try lp, lk, lp *call psy in a slow dial instead of lk, lk *call psy and you will be able to hit the juggle for sure)


hate to double post but i edited my first post so many times, and i’ve only had it up for 10 minutes.

Launch, RH AD d/f lk, lk (neutral) , jump up slow dial lk, lp call psy assist here, lk xxx temptest the easiest way to follow up.

(the goal is to get them highest you can while calling psy assist, and you getting the lowest you can, i found you can even do lk, lp psy lk and whiff a RH at certain times and drop immediately)

(let me stress something, you MUST normal jump U/F in a “arc” so you land faster when doing the last part of the combo, you’ll prolly “glide” after the temptest if you normal jump up or are at the middle (Peak) of your jump when you cancel into temptest)


dasrik posted a method that he uses a long time ago, instead of doing that delay thing u can just do lk + psylocke, ad down xx tempest.

depending on the weight of the character, you may do less damage than the standard unmashable but it’s a guaranteed juggle.


The timing on that is weird. If you don’t do it in exactly the correct way, they can roll out every time. :frowning:


boggle really? after i read that i’ve been using it and it seems to work pretty well for me… the opponent tends to fall into the upper tempest chunks, thus taking less damage, but mags always seems to land before they do and juggle them as they fall.

does it not work only on the heavier characters?


The problem is the practical use of this. Because it does dramatically less damage than the usual unmashable, there may not be much point. :slight_smile:


Why not just do:

launch, sj,, ad/df,,, land, call Psy AA,, sj.lkxxTempest, ad/df into ROM

They don’t even touch the ground…


oh thats nice sephiroth gotta try that.
I found out that if you do nj, short short fierce+psy tempest, sometimse you’ll land and be able to otg them into more magneto madness.


can any body giv me unmashables on storm-a and sent-a/y assists? help much appreciated…:slight_smile:


dashdown combo, land call storm/sent. dash under tempest…not really a guaranteed because its a reset…

dashdown combo, land call sent, s.lp, s.rh, hypergrav tempest…guaranteed unmashable

in corner, rh grab,, c.rh, tk tempest

storm-a…only works on characters like doom or bigger
dashdown combo, land s.rh+storm, hypergrav tempest


I haven’t experimented much, but isn’t the timing for this really difficult? The timing for comboing the second set of LKs?


Yeah I was gonna say that…

MrJamie: sorta hard at first but pretty easy with practice.


thanks to dragon for those combos…although i already know them,thanks for your time anyway…do you have neat combos w/ cammy-aaa assist?:slight_smile:


hate to post again but i forgot to ask bout cable’s aaa…does magz have any unmashables w/ him?


in order to juggle afterwards, damage is drasticly reduced.

instead of lk, try s.hkxpsy xx tempest. cancelled after the first kick of course.

side note. if you are going for the traditional unmashable, try hp.