Interesting way to land ultra 2



In an act of desperation against rose I did a DF dive kick and and immediate raw ultra 2. The dive kick hit and much to my surprise the ultra landed as well. I thought she must not have been blocking but after the ultra it said 3 hit combo.

I went into training and kept trying with auto block set and I figured out how to land it off a DF kick. It doesn’t even need to be a counter hit which is great. Spacing is critical which makes it tricky. Your kick must land low for this to work. I had Dudley as my dummy and if the kick hit his waist ultra 2 landed every time and the input is so easy. Here’s how you can try it:

Place the dummy in the corner
Position yourself so you have 2 floor blocks between you- dummy is on block 1, 2 blocks away which puts you on block 4

With your foot on the line closest to the dummy do MK DF immediate kick then up up kkk. No need to cancel teleport or anything fancy.

I don’t know if this spacing will work for all characters but the kick will land on dudley’s stomach/hip area. I’m not sure how useful this will be in a real match but it might come in handy for punishing certain moves. I’ve done it 5 times in row with the ultra landing every time.


Yea you can connect it off of jump ins if you hit it deep, though raw U2 can whiff on some characters. It’s usually more reliable to just do the jump in > s.HP > U2