Intereting/Great Techniques

So yeah, looking around the board I notice that a few techniques/exploits have been discovered.

Everyone by now knows about the dash in then up smash tech, but I notice people found out how to wave dash and some other techniques that allows you to slide back as your doing a forward smash.

How do you do the 2?
Theres vids on both them on youtube, but I’m unable to locate them due to all the other bogus vids =/

[media=youtube]VmxHhy6JJJE[/media] - Reverse Moonwalk/Waveland (the wavedash I talked about)

EDIT: Theres a topic about the list of interesting techniques.
Check it out here!

This has been known for a while. It’s using the momentum of a forward jump, DIing back and taking a step backward on landing. Marth’s B-air is featured in the vid because it’s incredibly useful since the b-air turns Marth around in midair, enabling a forward slide. Ike might be able to do the same if memory serves me right.

There’s also a weird slide that only crawling characters can do. It involves hitting down and rotating the stick into a diagonal position as you land. I forgot what it’s called.

You mean this?: [media=youtube]lZg0f8RTMOg[/media]

IMO not very useful for most characters. Very situational, too.

Yeah I haven’t been able to really work it into my game. Usually just end up sliding into the other person and getting hit, so I opted to just play normally >_<

Is the timing for the Dash Pivot Cancel similar canceling the opening frames of a dash?

Alpha Cancel Baby

how is glide tossing done?

Roll and press the C-stick in the direction you want to throw at the same time.


You could also reverse glide toss by fox trotting forward then rolling back while tossing the item forward.
Timing is way harder to get used to though.

Yeah, thats it.
Ah… didn’t realize it was so slow when you try to get the momentum from it.

Odd thats its called an advance tech.
Ah, oh well >_>

Can someone actually make a comprehensive list of all these techniques and how to do them?

Advance tech has been over used ever since Brawl came out.

Yeah, I know, it’s SWF. Get over it, this list is pretty damn good and it gets updated every once in a while.

this game seems worse than melee… like the line between casual and pro is blurred.

This is too true.

Thanks. I just don’t have the time to keep up with everything anymore.