Interface 3v3 3s 3/11/06 SBO Quals Warmup

-So we are going to have a SBO Quals Warmup

-It will be on March 11th @ Interface in Simi Valley
-Signups are at 5pm
-Teams will be ranked due to admin’s view on each team

-Entrance fee is $15 dollars each team

-We will have rules that will be played like the real SBO
except havent decided to either do single elimination or double elimination

-You cannot have more then one of each character

-The winner of each set will play the next person in line until each team is eliminated with no more players to play

-Winner takes all

-You have to have three people on a team, so you cannot have two people and one person goes again

-any problems or questions? just IM me at mattxchin or email me at

  • Ironfist is a tc that gets owned by masternoob

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EDIT: switching characters is a no, right? i.e. against 1st team 1st player of example team plays necro, then against 2nd team the same player plays ken.

pyrolee/amir/Ken I


im calling you out to come and participate… valle, watts, paul, yi, vic, hung, and the ones that dont show up

you cant handle the xchin team… bitches
ps. ead

LOL…I’ve been to granada hills/simi valley area for the past month (weekends) for tourneys/practice…I doubt many real SBO teams will participate in this warm up…everyone should just practice hard…too many tourneys back to back is pointless…thats why there’s Ranbats right? or why not make team Ranbats…could be more interesting…

If the number of teams is high, shouldn’t it be single elimination? Double might take…uhm…a long while, now that I think about it, unless you get a lot of OCVs.

reason why i posted a 3v3 valle is cause i did the poll… ppl said they wanna have a 3v3… it doesnt have to be your sbo team… but just a tourney for 3v3 i guess… but we using sbo rules …

didn’t know about the poll…well should be interesting…start early!

See you guys Saturday

bummer, cant make it this sat. Going to be in nor cali =( rep that URIEN Gootecks!!!


Damn, Cole, I was hoping to pick up some Urien tips from you on Saturday. What’s going down in NorCal?

That sucks. I’ll pick Blue Urien in your honor. :lol:


whos your team ryan?

see u guys 2night

I wont be there till 11 pm. Hope people will still be there.

sorry guys i cant make it due to the horrible weather around here, traffic is backed up by my house so bad i would have had to leave at like 11 AM. have fun.

i’ll be there.

I just woke up :frowning: