Interface End of the Year Tourney

40 players

  1. Pyrolee
  2. Victoly
  3. Arlieth
  4. Ken I
  5. 5star
  6. Dirty Cole

Alot of players came out… thanks for showing up… good but long tournament. videos will be out shortly
Thanks for the help Shogo and Chris
Commentary by 5star and John D

i love sextaro

next time more parrying :tup: :looney:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!:party:

Here’s the vid to the 12/30/05 Interface 3rd Strike Tournament

Right Click on the link below and click on "Save As…"
12/30/05 Interface 3rd Strike Tournament

Rashai ! :karate:

Thnx Shogo

Whatever happened with the vids when Ken I beat Pyro in that tourney? I guess that video will never see the light haha

A pin broke in the direct feed cable that only made the footage come out in black and white.


More results, photos, bracket and stuff at Denjin Video!

what the world wants to know is
what is derrick’s live tag

The closest arcade to me is camelot, which no body goes to and I hardly ever play there.
I only play against basically 2 people at home when we get bored on my xbox.

I dont have xbox live. The only practice I get against other people is when i go to FFA in granada hills. So I need more exposure against good players and different characters.

yup, always holding down the real champ of so cal. Disgusting…

Actually, it’s true. Shogo and I were working on setting up direct feed when a bent pin flipped us the bird and broke off. That’s why the tourneys went to Interface for the time being, partly.

lol i was looking at the faq i really was wondering how you pronouce tralare

derrick with no live makes me a saaaaaaaad panda