Intermediate combo spacing/advantage (Cannon strike, cross up LK, Spin knuckle)



Hey guys. New Cammy here and loving her ability to play footsies and do some unbelievable damage.

Apolgies if covered. What strength and what spacing maximises advantage for Cannon Strike? Im finding it hard to combo off of. How about for Hooligan canon strike? Is there a difference when it crosses up.

I can get the LK version into LK Cannon Spike quite consistently on some characters, but not others.

V Canon strike is quite easy to link to MP.

Any tips on combo’ing from cross up LK? Its not too easy either.

Finally, spin knuckle link into HP. Is it situational or am I just timing it badly most of the time? Is there a difference when it crosses up?

Thought this question was pretty full on and also deserves a separate thread to help other players too.

I will summarise responses and my own findings in the OP for peoples’ reference.


The divekick depends on how high you hit them. If you hit them below the waist then you can usually link a cr.lp after. As for the spin knuckle, you are just slow :).


I think you have to hit the cross up a little deeper than someone like Ryu or Karin’s cross up, as it’s a LK with not so much hit stun. If you played Decapre in USF4, you know what I mean.

I always follow the cross up with a cr. LP > whatever…Target Combo, another cr. LP xx SA, etc.


Thanks guys. Two short posts were actually enough for me get this down surprisingly.

So the cross up seems to combo with cr LP every time if you use the buffer window to ensure you are active on first available frame. If I hit LP before I land I get the combo every time.

Spin knuckle > HP link timing is a bit off still but I find multi-tapping means it works every time. Shoutouts to mashing.

The cannon strike you want to hit as low as possible. Hence the range to the character dictates which version you should use. Close - LK low angle, Far - HK bigger angle. I found LK version easiest to link afterwards even when they were all hitting low. I was able to consistently get a cr MP link. LP with MK and HK versions when I hit low, which is good enough for now.