Intermediate Guy player - Any advice or critique is welcomed



Did a first to 10 with a Viper player, lost 10-8 overall but learnt alot about the importance of normals aswell as the run slide which i really hadnt used all that much

Well here it is, any advice or criticisms are welcomed, but keep it nice please, still learning


I’m assuming your just getting started learning Guy. I’ve been playing Guy since he debuted and I’m still learning how to maximise this character to the fullest. The best thing to do is find, friend and continuously play an Guy expert until you get the hang of him. But here are some things I noticed: Play with patience and pressure your opponent on the ground until you thought him to block more. Once you teach your opponent to block, then you can apply your mix-up game. Go for calculated Overheads (mostly normal overhead), Tick Throws and Meaties. 2. Stop doing wake up Ultra unless your sure its going to hit. 3. Don’t abuse crouching Hk, instead use crouching Mk. Practice Guys Bread and Butter (BnB) combos more such as… crLp, crLp, Target Combo cancelled into what ever. If you play on pad like I do you should always warm up before playing any real matches online or offline. Warm up example: do crLp, crLp, Target Combo cancelled into Run Slide 10 times on the left side of the screen, then switch.


been playing as him for bout 2 months, same time that i got into ssf4 :slight_smile: thanks for the tips. and yeah i definately use abuse crouching HK and wakeup ultra outta desperation heheh

even just watching it again has helped me see mistakes and bad habits.

thanks IROC :slight_smile: sometimes i few handy pointers can really change your game plan


honestly the most help i can possibly give you is this.

to this day, i’ll reread this every once in a while just to freshen up on it. matter of fact i read it again last week. this is helpful as it provides explanations as well as video examples of each particular situation it’s trying to explain. footsies are what make street fighter unique. it’s a very important base to apply your gameplan around.

as iroc said… practice combos. being able to punish mistakes and do damage is important. practice cr. jab x2 > target combo xx runslide or jab shoulder. cr. short > cr. jab > target combo xx run slide or jab shoulder and cr. jab x2 > ff chain or cr. short x2 > ff chain to start off. eventually you’ll want to learn to do cr. short xN > st. strong xx whatever. it’s one of the few 1 frame links guy has that’s important to his game so it shouldn’t be too much to handle. oh also practice cr. fierce > st. strong xx runslide or ex shoulder… that’s another good one for punishing as well as cl. rh > ff chain. those last two are your strongest practical, but very easy punishes.


thanks for the link :slight_smile: already im seeing it change and improve my game :slight_smile:


no problem… i forgot to mention… when practicing to combo crouching lights to ff chain… learn to hit confirm that on a standing opponent.


I should mention after fighting in online play (endless battle), remember to always watch your replays under Battle Log. Sit back, relax and become your biggest critic. Some times when you watch your self on screen it will help you determine how to approach your next match.


this is something i originally did then kinda stopped doing, but i completely agree, you miss so many little things when you actually in the fight that you need to rewatch later to see what you did wrong.

im starting to use training mode and replays alot more to improve my game than just endlessly doing fights, hoping it will all just click.


Try to keep things simple, and stay cool, you tend to throw out attacks and Ultras even when you’re not in range. Reduce the amount of wake up reversals, and block more. Blocking is very good.

You seem to understand that far MK is Guys furthest poke. That’s good, but again you’re not quite in range most of the time, and throw it out unnecessarily. Pokes keep opponents.away and pressured, but you should limit them to reacting upon an opponents approach, otherwise you’re simply extending your hurtbox, becoming a target for a big whiff punish.

As above people said, BnB combos are.crucial, especially anything that leads to Run slide. But I also think you need to gain a thorough understanding of Guys normals. Try all of them out at different ranges, look at their speed, combo potential, etc.

You could also watch games of long time Guy players to see their application.

Keep at it, good luck.


some of the far off hk`s were of me messing up the run tbh, but i agree and know i tend to throw out ultras that have little chance of landing.

appreciate the tips and comments, will post up some more fights once ive gotten better and implement the points raised :slight_smile: