Intermediate player looking for mvci tips


Hey everyone. I am new to this site but I have loved fighting games for years. I have been playing a lot of I2 but i just picked up mvci. I have played these games but this time I wanna get good, I mean tourney level good. i am maining Rocket for this game, not sure who my secondary is yet. I know some of the fighter lingo but not all of it. Any tips for getting started after the tutorials?


Best thing to do would probably be to find tournament footage of your characters, see what kinds of things other people are coming up with. Not to mention just absorbing as much information as can anyway, since the more you know about different characters the better. Also, there are dedicated character forums, so take a look at the forums for your character. Nowadays a lot of information is shared on social media, so try joining a regional tournament players’ group on facebook or something.

Learning things from videos or tutorials isn’t just a matter of monkey see, monkey do. You can learn aspects of a game you might not have known about otherwise, and then incorporate that knowledge to create something even greater.