Intermidiate Zangiefs



I’m a Boxer/Honda main and one of my hardest matchups is this character so could i have some matches with you guys to scrub up those weak portions? GT: greenryu.


I can’t play right now, but here’s a bunch of advices to improve your game :

With Honda : use neutral jump HP (beats lariat) and ex headbutt. Learn how to pull out the hands slaps each time your j.HP hits (even on guard, cheap damages are good and it’s safe). Those two moves are almost enough to keep the lead. NEVER use HP headbutt, unless you’re absolutely certain it will hit or kill : it’s punishable with ex hand on guard. Don’t jump too much, use st.HP and st.HK for the zoning parts, and you should be fine. It’s a tough match for Gief, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it.

With Boxer : this one is harder, I have to admit. Lp dash straight is ok at max range since you can’t get grabbed on hit. Then you have to keep Zangief away with st.HP and your sweep from time to time. Don’t rush him down, that’s what he’s waiting for so he can Lariat/punish you. If you’re down, you’ll have to read his next move, but any wakeup headbutt is almost always the worst option.

Hope it’ll help you a bit.


I’m a decent Akuma player (2200 PP, 5500 BP), I have a really tough time against Giefs even though it’s a matchup in Akuma’s favor. I’m looking a decent Zangief to practice against. If anyone is interested let me know here, or send me a message on XBL JoeySoAmazin8


Lmfao use more divekicks and teleports


im a decent gief down to play anyone, add me on XBL. GT - Weaponer7


Just sent you a friend request Weaponer7. Hope to play you soon. Thanks


Lol. Yes, please. Use more divekicks and teleports. that’s a good way to lose.

Let me explain. Divekick done to beat Lariat has to be done high enough that blockstun isn’t really enough to continue a safe blockstring if Gief stand blocks. You’re running the risk of EX GH, EX SPD, or Ultra. Thus Akuma is essentially putting himself right where gief wants him.
Akuma’s safest options after dive kick then are to backdash, jump, uppercut FADC back, or teleport backwards… moving him closer to the corner, not to mention giving Gief a free attempt on a correct guess to punish you.

Teleport can be option selected and punished. Sure, you can teleport the other direction, but that can be punished on reaction if they didn’t option select.

The days of Demon Flip air grab O/S DP are gone. You can do that with the palm, though, but gief can just block. Trying to throw is a huge risk.


I was being a bit facetious in my post, lol.

Really as long as he makes ‘appropriate’ use of dive kicks, teleports, his amassment of fireballs, and st. rh pressure… (I can’t think of why else I lose to Akuma’s :p) he can win this one without much trouble.


you can add me too; I’d like to think my gief is decent.



Hi there, As a gief main, I am having a lot of trouble against boxer. I know it is in the favor of the gief. However, I am getting out footsies by him quite often. It is also quite hard for me to read when he will straight dash so i can punish with the lariat. The sweep also punishes me whenever i tried to lariat which i use it to punish normals and dashes.Boxer also has a good AA so i cant really jump in often on him either. I would like to know what I am doing wrong in this matchup.

edit I read the first page of the gief matchups, it seems I may do lariat a bit too often. Any boxers main feel free to add me on xbox live. Although this is not the right place to ask lol.


use cr. lp os ex glove. or cr. lk os ex glove. if he straight punches, you will beat it clean. it also beats a lot of his footsies.