Internal CRT Tv VGA Output - Does it lag?


I’m organizing a local ranbat/tourney here in my city and I’m planning on doing a Head-to-head marvel vs capcom setup.
I have a TV, which I’m pretty sure its a Samsung 21" crt CL 21K40MQ and the TV has Video Output.

I was planning on plugging the DC in the video Input and them Outputting the signal to another Crt.

Does this setup/config is known for lag issues or is it perfect ?


Anyone ?


use splitters, trust me you’ll be better off.


If the external output doesnt lag why should i spend more money on splitters ?
Its not very easy for me to get splitters around here so i want to use my own tv.


two way splitter is twenty dollars.

just get a splitter. For your particular model, … we don’t know. You’ll have to try it on your own.

Quite frankly, I’ll bet there’s lag, probably because it outputs whatever the TV has post-processed for video, but it might just be a simple pass through.


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