Internal Memo

Attn: All Urien Players

From: Yang and Chun Li Players

Subject: Urien’s Fireball

Please throw more fireballs. We know that you are already making an effort to help drive Chun Li to be more annoying than she already is, but I implore you that we need to continue to help her drive to the top. If you will notice, Chun Li’s sitting strong will pass under random fireballs, and her SAII will go right through it. The management of the Chun Li Players association would like the Urien players to throw even more fireballs.

Also, please note that the EX fireball will pass right over Chun Li’s ducking sprite. Chun Li only has to sit there and do nothing in order to avoid this attack.

We have also noticed that there is an added benefit that if you get in the habit of throwing these fireballs, and throw one at Yang, he has three days time to decide whether or not he wants to roll under it and kick your ass.

Please take this memo under advisement, and throw more fireballs in the future.

Thank you,

Chun Li and Yang Players Everywhere.

Attn: All Yang and Chunli Players

From: Urien Players

Subject: Re: Urien’s Fireball

Thank you for your concern and we greatly appreciate your effort to make the game more competitive. We will take notes on throwing fireballs next time and expect an Aegis cancelled into the fireball. Feel free to roll, sitting strong, Houyokusen, teleport, or whatever at us. We greatly accept your application to losing some life. Shall we feel less mercy, we would entirely avoid fireball thus making you look like JWong at Evo against Tokido. You don’t the fight, we do.

Moreover, we gracefully accpet your suggestion as a way of making peace coexistence, thus, next time we do unblockables, we will stop at the second one. No long will you have to shake the machine fanatically or hit our controller to break the string of unblockables, we will let you off the hook after second one. Thank you for your easy juggling. Light chars and Chunli are the best thing ever happen to Urien. Ok, second best thing, after the thong.

Finally, we suggest the possiblity of double teaming against Ken, Makoto, Alex and your brother. As they have been amazingly annoying lately, not just to us, but to your company as well. Thus, feel free to contact any one of us at your local arcade and hopefully an alliance is in near future.

Thank you,

Urien Players Everywhere.

Sorry to inform that we no longer give out Frequent Tackle Miles. If you have any old FTM card that has 200+ eaten tackles, please cash them in at the next fight. You get a free throw for 100 FTM, two free throws for 200 FTM

:lol: :lol: :lol:

LOL hahahahaah!:lol: :lol: :evil:

Something’s not right…


what’s not right??

That they stop giving out FTM…

that was random…

It’s fun playing Urien against Chun Li. Not just for the extra juggles that work so easily on her, but also because she stands up soooooo slowly from fall state, it’s extremely easy to set up midscreen FAS setups on her (the corner ones too).

Wow. Chun Li SA II goes through fireballs?! Pure genius! No one discovered that until… oh wait… the first day 3rd Strike came out :lame:

you people are funny. LOL.