Internal networking issues

Hi guys, I am having issues with fileshares on my network.


-Router --Switch —HTPC (asrock 330, windows 7 home) [wired]
—Laptop (HP G61, Windows 7 home) [wired]
—Xbox (original, XBMC) [wired]
—Xbox 360 [wired]
–Xbox (original, XBMC) [wired]
–Desktop PC (windows XP pro) [wireless]

Shares setup on the HTPC from USB hard drives (Standard SMB). Laptop, Desktop PC, BOTH Xbox (original) can all access the fileshares on the HTPC for playback.

When I transfer files from the laptop to the HTPC, the Desktop PC and both Xbox suddenly cannot access the file shares. The laptop is then the only device that can still acess the HTPC shares. I have to restart the HTPC for other devices to get access to the shares again.

The xbox 360 uses upnp, and I can still access my music.

I have ruled out the router, I have an Huawei ecolife HG532 from my ISP (talk talk, UK), and they sent me a new one which is a D-Link 2780. Same problem on both.

The only thing it can be is windows 7. It seems to create a tunnel when transfering files accross. The curious thing is, if

I transfer files from the HTPC to the shared folder on the laptop; everything else can still access the HTPC.

Can anyone help me?