International UMVC3 thread


I don’t know if this has been made or if it is cool to have a thread like this here. Anyway, i would like to make a thread about great players outside of the US. Japan players are impressive IMO, probably more impressive than the US players because it is the jap matches where we can see obscure builds and diverse characters more. They were the ones who claim vergil to be the better anchor over wesker first, right?

I want to see a thread that has a list of the names of the Jap players (or any international players) what teams they currently use, updates, videos, techs, tier list, etc. But i never found that around here, so i’m making this one. I think this is a good idea to discuss often because it gives us players example for our playstyle.


Wrong site to post this, US marvel players loath Japan.


lol Never change Emil
There’s more to the world than Japan and US How come no one mentions Mexico, the philippines, etc? People usually forget which players are visiting from Canada (Shoutouts to a top Canadian player being said to be ‘from nowhere’)


Well it’s because we can’t afford to send any of our top players to any international tournaments. By top player, we mean that one guy, Peter, who is good enough to make Top 8 at EVO for UMvC3, according to FChamp. Beyond that, not much is really known about our scene here in the Philippines to the rest of the world.


I live in Australia. Sometimes I wish I lived in America though. Then, I could go to tournaments and actually get a chance to play a lot of you guys. It would also take me a lot less time to find a game online as well, because no one in a America will play against me.


I don’t really see much happening in terms of international tournaments in the UK. I know the world club cup (?) was held in France, which some of the UK players attended as did Tokido, Mago, and Fuudo, and Cheech Wizard was at Evo last year. But the UK doesn’t have a ‘Shadoloo Showdown’ of it’s own. Still, shoutout Kyzertron, HowToRead , Zak Bennett, and every other British tournament player who I lack the knowledge of lol.


Le Sighs
Japan Marvel Channel.

Come on guys there are like at least three channel that love Japan. People love Japan so much they rip online play, and actually put Japan online in a higher regard than anything else in other type of Marvel in the world.

RDK’s channels. You can see Canadian play here.

That Amazing Chun li channnel and overseas vid

Clearly there is more than this.


Chou is going to evo right, does anybody here know if he has dropped Strider for wesker, for good? Rei-rei chan is the guy i like watching the most, his deadpool is sick.


Chou hasn’t played Strider at all in any footage I’ve seen. He’s all about that Vergil/Wesker/Mags (which I’m surprised doesn’t have a nick name).


Yeah, the recent Chou stuff has him using Vergil/Wesker/Mags. I’m liking the Strange usage in Japan. It’s sad we don’t see much of Strange in western comp


If by Strange usage you mean one guy, Tenboss, with Anchor Vergil backup.


Nemo, I’d say his Strange is better than Tenboss now.