Internet bandwidth needed for smooth SF4 online?

Does anyone know how much bandwidth is required for smooth street fighter iv online matches? I have 5 meg and 10 meg available in my area but I would prefer to not spend extra if the game doesn’t even use that much bandwidth.

It primarily depends on upload speed so 5Mbps is fine, sound like you have Charter Communications in you area.

It also helps to avoid a wireless connection.

It’s usually the latency (ping) that is the problem, more so than the actual down/up speeds. That’s why satellite connections suck for online gaming - the speeds are good, but the latency is atrocious.

I’m not sure how broadband plans are set in the US, but here in Australia, anything over & including a 1.5Mbps plan is fine for gaming.

thanks for the info, I guess i’ll be sticking with 5meg. saves quite a lot of money in the long run.

And yea, I’m using charter.

Stay away from wireless connections like it’s AIDS.

It’s totally a pain in the butt when it’s lagging and you ask the other guy if he’s on wireless and he says ‘ya’.

Just go for wired connections man, you’re paying a lot for your internet connection you might as well try to get the most out of it unless it’s absolutely impossible.

wired connection will always be better than wireless


I have standard Comcast cable internet.

Last night I was playing online with NO perceivable lag AND my wife was streaming video on

So…I would say that if any good cable modem connection is enough.

EDIT: But my setup is 100% wired…I would never go wireless with the 360 for online play. If you go wireless, at the very least make sure you are on a channel no one else is using and turn off encryption.

Yeah, for online gaming, ping is king. Doesn’t really matter if you have a 1.5 or a 5mbps line, what matters is the ping between you and the other person. I used to have a 3meg line with a ping in the 300’s. I couldn’t play anything online. Then I moved to a 1.5 line (actually about 0.7 throughput) but I had a ping of 30. I was unstoppable.
The main thing about the kinds of games we are playng here is that it is the ping between players that matters the most. In some other online games it only mattered what your ping was to the server. The further it goes, or rather the more hops it goes through, the worse the lag. So people closer to you will have a better game, but those in other countries will often lag like crazy.

It’s one reason why I don’t set my game up to accept random people to fight me, I keep getting people with one bar connecting to me. When I look for a game, I don’t connect with less then a 3 bar, didn’t notice any lag, but it was probably there. I haven’t seen any 5 bars yet, which is a little surprising since I live near a major metropolitan area. Someone there must have this game…

Read my post here:

Wireless can ADD to your slow connection already but it’s not going to really be the cause of noticable lag unless you have some very strange settings going on. Or you have an extremely old wireless router. I guess it’s possible if there is interference it can cause lag but that’s something you can play by ear maybe run some speed tests etc.

Unless xbox 360 is coded far different from any FPS is on how it handles packets it should work exactly the same which is not noticable. I’ve played high end counterstrike with very good ping on a wireless connection and i’ve had no issues so far on 360 live with personal friends we’ve had great connections with each other.

If you have an old wireless router i recommend you upgrade the firmware on it. I don’t think there is any need to setup DMZ as well. Any G router should be completely fine baring any external issues.

Numbski just read your post… i saw your post concerning not using cable at all. Which in a way i can agree with but i think that now a days if you’re in a new area and considering most cable companies will throttle your connection there isn’t much worry about having issues with your bandwidth. If anything i’d recommend not using a torrent program on your computer because cable’s upload especially if it’s high can bottleneck your connection and kill your download.

I do agree that a dedicated connection is far safer overall then a shared one, but most shared connections now are a high % of the time completely fine baring some old school hardware that hasn’t been maintained or upgraded in years.

nevermind i read the entire wireless thread that numbski linked to, all the information is in there. hah.

i see a lot of you have >1mbps. i have 768/384 kilobit wired dsl. it works flawlessly for ggpo/2df, but do you think it’s sufficient for sf4?

MarvelDonuts, should be fine. believe it or not, but there really isn’t that much data being sent through the line. 768/384 would be fine. It isn’t sendig pictures or animation through the line, just things like your position and the buttons you are pressing, which is an extremely small stream of data.

Eh. No guarantees are possible. I have Fiber optic to the house and I’ve still seen lag in about 3% of matches (a good estimate since I hit my 100th match the other day and only recall 3 of them lagging).

I understand that cable operators tend to throttle connections based on how many people use the provider in your area, but I pay for the extra bandwidth from my provider called boost and I can run servers with port 80 open. I don’t know how this would affect anything but I have fiber optics up to the pole and from the pole to my house regular coax.

I get constant speeds of what was advertised when I purchased the regular service. By the way my provider is Optimum online.

You will see no difference going to anything faster. 5 meg is far far more than you need for online gaming. The only people who need really fast connections are people hosting matches that take a lot of bandwidth, not SF4. Something like COD4 with 12 people on it will require some pretty fast upload speeds, but even then the download won’t matter past even the slowest cable speeds.

In SF4 you are hosting 1 person in a game that doesn’t have heavy calculation required of the CPU for anything. The bandwidth requirements are very small.

it depends on ping and location more than anything else.

Is mine slow if it’s taking 10-15 seconds to find stable custom ranked/player match?

I’m getting annoyed how it takes that long to find matches and once it finally shows me a list of stable matches in order of latency, I choose a game that I am unable to join.

i dunno, but so far the lag on this game is atrocious… Terrible. I was praying and hoping that they would of found some way to make the lag better, unfortunately for me at least this lag is just as bad if not worse then cvs2. Lag abuse out the wazoo. Ugh.