Internet explorer broken?

i dont know what i did but on my cpu but my internet explorer program is not working. I think i may have changed something but dont know ?

my cpu says its online and my modem works ,i scanned for viruses - nothing, so what else can it be ??

i have vista

not sure if anyone else has had this problem or could tell me what i need to do i greatly appreciate it

use Firefox

thats redundant.

use opera or firefox

dont use that dumb shit ie

ok ill use that firefox then…so is there a way i can download it even if i cant go online with internet explorer or do i have to burn it to a cd and then put it on my cpu that way ??

Does outlook work? I could email the installer to you.

Saying that you changed it but you don’t know what you did or how you did it isn’t giving us anything to work with. No one is going to have a clue what’s going on unless you can provide some more information. I mean… what is “it’s not working” supposed to mean? Does is crash? Does it fail to launch? Does it launch but then give you an error when trying to load a page? What error does it give? No one here is a mind reader.

sry for not being too detailed

explorer will launch but then says cannont display webpage, like if you were not connected online and tried to open up a webpage. ( But i am connected online)

thats the problem im having

as far as if i changed anything im not sure, it was working one day and the next day just wasnt working

i dont have outlook :<

hey vegetable, you got baited.

do other internet based apps work like aim? if not then you have a bigger problem. if they do just have someone aim you the installer for firefox.

you’ve been owned by M$ for making this thread hence, your computers demise of having to be restored to oem in the future (possible) weak…
besides I never understood how a cpu has an internet explorer. no pun intended:confused:

Do you run internet through a wireless router and who is your ISP?

i never figured out the problem, but installed firefox and i can go online fine with firefox fine

still cant go online with explorer but oh well i dont care

It’s for the best.