Internet Explorer problem

I am trying to log in to AIM express, and well it says ive successfully logged in but my pop up blocker prevented it to open, and well my pop up blocker was turned off, i mean i just went to tools and turned it off, but it still says it blocked it, i even turned it on and gave the web browser permission to open pop ups for that site, and it still says my pop up blocker is blocking my log in.

What version of IE are you using? And is your “Windows Firewall” on or off?

“Internet Explorer problem” has got to be one of the most redundant phrases I’ve heard in awhile.

the newest one. where would i go to check my windows firewall?

ugh. you again.

Under “Control Panel”.

Also, do you have “Google Toolbar” installed on your IE browser?

no, but my dad put yahoo toolbar on there

Try uninstalling Yahoo! Toolbar on IE. In order to do get rid of it, follow this link:

If that doesn’t help, try uninstalling under “Safe Mode”—> COntrol Panel—> add/remove programs.

I hope that solve your AIM woes.

What, you got a problem nigga?

ie is garbage. stop using it, and its more than less likely that garbage toolbar youre using. bump toolbars.
use opera or firefox

Is that possible using a limited account?

I used to use Firefox but we got a new hard drive and im on a limited account.