Internet Service Providers

Would anyone like to throw some information my way on choosing a great ISP?

Clear (Clearwire) sucks when it comes playing online games. ESPECIALLY playing Street Fighter online. I wish I knew that before I bought the pathetic shit… so now I’m about to cancel my contract with them and I’m looking for a different AND better ISP.

Comcast is okay. Not hearing great things about them when it comes to that company. Verzion’s FiOS unfortunately, is not provided in this lame city (Jacksonville, FL), so that’s out the picture. AT&T isn’t good either.

Idk, I’m thinking about Earthlink, but I just want to know your opinions on which ISP is actually great enough for online gaming on the PS3 and Xbox.

Comcast has spotty customer service at best, but when it comes to connection speed and latency they are better than your other available options.

At least you have options. Comcast has a fucking monopoly in my area. It’s either Comcast or DSL.

Charter’s the only game in town here.

Unless you get DSL…

Fortunately Charter’s internet is great here.

Find out what the rest of the SF/FG community in your town is using, then pick that.