Internet Troll Jailed for 18 weeks

I don’t condone his actions, but I can’t say the guy didn’t do anything that hasn’t aleady been done on 4Chan

Internet Troll Jailed

18 months for malicious communications? sounds like bs to me



This sets a disturbing precedent. Yeah, the guy’s a fuckstick, but jail? For doing nothing more than offending people?

Seems like this would have been better handled without the law stepping in.

And you expected less from the British nanny state?

This. We don’t have freedom of speech.

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defend that piece of shit if you want, but he got what he deserved. when you start going out of your way to contact the victims’ family just to rub salt in their wounds over some tragic shit then you should get locked up for as long as legally possible.


What this guy did was beyond trolling. When you build websites, make Facebook pages, post on the deceased’s memorial website - you deserve more than what he got. He’s fortunate the father called the police and didn’t pick up a shotgun - I believe there are plenty of fathers who would’ve.

18 weeks in jail. Charge: trolling

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Nah, the police should just give the family the kid’s address and look the other way.

There’s a difference between “trolling” and “harassment.” This man harassed these families, which is illegal.

Hence the prison sentence.

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