Internships.....Any advice?


Well, I recently got let go of from work, and I am getting my International Business degree and have less then a year left. Any advice in trying to get an internship or have you worked at one before? How was it?


it was good. id recommend getting one

hope that was helpful


Don’t wait for an “opening” - just target the companies you are interested in and contact them about your willingness to intern


Thanks guys. I have been hitting up Atlus and sent them my resume and cover letter for a Marketing internship. Then I brought those 2 items with me to Anime Expo and gave it to them in person. I am hitting up a lot of companies. Did you guys get hired on after you finished? (Next is Conan O’ Brian) :slight_smile:


Conan O’Brian still film in New York? If so that shit is hella competitive.


I was in a similar position where I already had work experience. It puts you above the pack in terms of desirability, over a pure, clean slate graduate. With this in mind, target companies that are looking for internships, with the intention of undercutting them. Before graduating, a bunch of us that already had experience sent an email off to a company saying ‘why are you taking on all these fresh, inexperienced students, when you can have us, ready to work, straight out of the box?’ they replied with ‘great, we’ll take 10 of you’. An informal interview and that was that.
granted, we stabbed a bunch of graduates from somewhere else, that we didn’t know, in the back, but it got us the jobs. Milk your work experience for everything it’s worth; not everybody has it.
Not in the same industry but used to room with a guy in entertainment, production etc (now a credited compositor for a bunch of big stuff) and from what I gathered from him, the networking is the most important part of the internship in that scene. Even if you don’t get the job at the end, you’ll have a bunch of options open up, during the internship, that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.


No dude he is in Burbank CA now. Has been since like 2009 I think.

 Dude what you said, is like super inspirational. I am 32 and I look 25, I worked loss prevention for Gamestop and management for 5 years, I was a proctor for career based testing for 5 years also. I put that shit down so far, but haven't heard jack shit back yet. I am going to send Atlus and EVERYONE else an email ask them "What is the status of my resume?"  next week. I am taking 16 units for summer school right now and will be walking in March. SO I hope something pops up. I also read, write and speak Japanese and Spanish/ (Not much Kanji though) So I am hoping that helps also and networking is so key, but where I am from there is no Corporate anything around here. Damn IE! 

Did it help you in the end sir?



Still working for them 6 years later, with interns of my own haha. I’d say 90%+ of graduates through my section are coming in with no prior experience too. We’re at the tail end of a recession; none of the experienced workers are moving around, so someone’s going to see your 10 years of consistent work, across only 2 workplaces (meaning you stick at it too) and they won’t believe their luck. Stay positive and keep at it :slight_smile:


Thanks dude, very helpful info. I have been applying everyday. CBS, Aksys, Atlus, WB, Google and many many other places.
Not giving up.


Not to go stealing your thread or anything, I’d think it be redundant to make two similar threads this close to each other but I’m in a similar situation. I’m about to graduate in December with a Bachelor’s in Media Studies and have been looking up for internships, but everything I find now starts in the fall while I’m in school. I preferably want to work as a writer for the gaming industry, but from what the net tells me I have to start off being known elsewhere a la as a novelist or screenwriter.

Would there still be opportunities for internships after I graduate or would I have to get one now?


Hopefully someone can answer your question homie.


If you get an opportunity, my advice would be to take it. Unless of course it’s exploitative as shit. You never know when the next one might roll around. If you keep putting stuff off for later, then you have to ask yourself when will that later ever come?

Even if you’re expecting to start at the tail end of the year, it’s not like you’ll find one as soon as you look so it’s best to start and prepare early. If the place is nice then they might even compromise and let you secure a position now for when you finish.


i don’t understand how internship’s are legal. Yay we changed the word slave. Dance for us, puppet!


Not all internships are unpaid, although I know for some industries that’s pretty much the norm.


Are internships dealing with computers normally unpaid


paid in my experience


Mine was 10 weeks without.


I am fine with unpaid, just want the experience. just want to bust my ass to help get a career.


I hear it’s illegal to make an intern work for nothing…but I also hear that working for free is what being an intern is ABOUT. Your gained experience (and whatever you can get from giving hummers and handies on the side if you don’t take a part-time job for money in the meantime) is your pay.