Interracial Dating Thread

Now this isn’t a knock to Interracial Dating or Interracial Couples. I just want to get everyones opinions and experiences with this subject. What kind of women or men they like and why. I personally think it’s a beautiful thing and it shows how far things have changed in the past 40-50 years. I happen to be black and irish/scottish myself and I think bi-racial women are the most gorgeous creation ever to exist. But that’s just me.

Now I do have some questions. I have a friend who is black and exclusively dates white girls. Nothing wrong with that but when I ask him about this, he says he doesn’t find black women sexually attractive and it would be like dating a cousin or something like that.

Is it true that a lot of black men’s standards in white women are low? Because I’ve seen some of the girls my friend has messed with and they’re not very attractive sometimes and I get the feeling he’s doing it just to be with a white girl.

I also have a female friend, who is white. Only dates Asian guys. Is not attracted to any other kind of men. She also happens to be a huge Otaku so that could have something to do with it.

So maybe a person’s environment may determine their attraction to others? I find this interesting.


I am a UN Ambassador when it comes to dating women. /thread

Theres a relationship thread…

My penis isn’t racist.

Exactly what I was going to say. Singular threads like these really make no sense when trying to ask about relationship preferences or otherwise. People who frequent GD will end up checking out the relationship thread anyways… so, what gives? If only I was a mod, merging threads would become my best friend in GD… rofl.

I’m white, dating a Filipino chick and it’s been awesome so far. :tup:

No need to merge threads, this just ended up. Seriously, nothing more needs to be said on the subject after this post; especially considering the shitfest that erupted from yesterday’s thread on the topic.

I’m just waiting to now see who will make a thread on Interspecies Dating…

My views on white women are fucked up because I’ve watched too much interracial porn.:shake:

…there’s an app for that.

what he said…so elegant and insightful. its the truth.

This one deserves to be in Bartlett’s.

I’ve borrowed my motto from Skittles:

“Taste the rainbow!”



I’m of mixed ethnicities, so I can’t really go around picking one race over the other. I love women of all colors, so long as they can please my eyes. But for what it’s worth, I’m with a filipino/chinese girl at the moment. I have to say, I’m really liking this mix :lovin:

lol ever see that vid of the dude talking about relationships using skittles…like he was saying stuff like u dont just eat the yellow skittles…thats racist.

I love Asian girls, but I don’t have an Asian girlfriend. :sad: Girls of any race are fine with me, though.

Badda bing, badda BOOM!


I always liked this video.

Having a mixed heritage myself, I’m obviously going to have no problems with it.

Should have went with *Equal Opportunity Employer.

- and the Wong Fu video had to show up in this thread sometime.