Interstellar (from the director of The Dark Knight Trilogy & Inception)



It gives me Contact vibes.


I’m gonna be avoiding all trailers for this!


Watch it… there’s nothing in the trailers that can even remotely spoil this film. The only thing/place you need to avoid is imdb threads.


Needs more cowbell.


My boner is ready.


I’m gonna come clean, this shit looks fire.


Finally a second trailer. I still like the first trailer better though:

The story behind this movie is being kept under tight wraps. It’s Christopher Nolan though, so you know it’s going to be good…


Pikmin 3 the movie


That’s the other trailer they showed last year too lol


Trailer #3 is here:





does it have inception-BRAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMM ?? otherwise not watching.


You need to type this code the Apollo 11 date in the official site to watch the new trailer: 7201969

Awesome trailer :tup:


Would you say that the new trailer changes your perception of what the film is about, or reveals any major plot points that weren’t in the previous trailers?


This third trailer doesn’t reveal anything that the other two didn’t besides actually giving us a visual glimpse of other planets and deep space so anyone who liked those trailers will like this one and anyone who didn’t won’t like this one. All three trailers make it clear interstellar’s central plot is about Earth facing some apocalyptic event, and the only way to stop it is to go into a worm hole to either go back in time preventing the apocalyptic event or find a new planet for humans to live on.

Interstellar seems to be banking on one of the oldest and most emotionally engaging narratives in story telling which is weighing the needs of the many with the needs of the few. Matthew Mcconaughey’s character is tasked with saving Earth, and yet his kid seem to be on his mind more than his mission, this is a good sign because it indicates that while this film has a grand science fiction scope, Nolan won’t sacrifice character development and human feeling.

One thing I noticed about the trailer and this is a stretch I admit is that when Michael Caine was doing a voice over and said “love transcends time and space” a fire in the new planet is shown and then a fire on earth is shown immediately after. It’s possible that there is a connection between the two like what happens on planet happens on or affects the other. Nolan+space stuff=very interesting, and I have no doubt the ending will be some trippy head twisty stuff that will have everyone talking about it and ignoring everything that came before it just like with Inception :rofl:


Final trailer



Called it when the first trailer came out: expect Gunbuster-style time dilation as an important plot device.


This looks better and better with each new trailer!


Anne Hathaway? Awwww yeah.