Interview with Daigo after winning Street Fighter 4


I was able to corner Daigo after the finals for a video interview. Special thanks to gootecks for driving the interview and Kuni for translating!


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wow great interview. daigo just got +respect. Like he needed any more.


very nice. Daigo is awesome.


wish i could rep daigo. def awesome interview. the part where giving plp tips, he was giving out like “find ur inner self” tht shit was like epic.


Lol I bet Daigo is talking good on the US but you best believe they trash the US players on 2chan and blogs later!

It’s Japanese custom to act super nice all the time, but the US got to know that Japanese just act that way in general in public. US players should know that and get riled up.


Daigo is Ryu irl


top bloke.


Daigo is so awesome. He signed my arcade stick, and was really nice. :slight_smile: He reminds me of Sasuke. He just emits awesomeness.


When I saw Justin get up out of his chair when he won a game/set…I immediately wanted Daigo to win. That just showed lack of sportsmanship in my eyes.


awesome interview! Great sportsmanship and you heard it from the beast, we are pretty much at the same level with japan!


That was EASILY one of the best, if not THE best match of SF4 ever played. The up’s and downs, the amount of hype going into it was unprecedented. When Justin switched to the Stars and Stripes Balrog, I thought it was all over for Justin, but to beat Daigo 3 straight was nothing short of miraculous. The whole thing was absolutely amazing, and none of it could have been possible if it wasn’t for the wonderful people who set up EVO (Mr. Wiz, S-Kill, ect.) Also, the commentary was spot on, Seth is masterful at analyzing a SF match.


Great interview! Thanks GYT, Gootecks (and Kuni and Daigo)!



He was trying to get himself/everyone hype


Awesome interview, it’s always great listening to Ryu uuhhh I mean Daigo answering questions. Very humble, very respectful person.


Great job by A.J. and Gootecks.



Really nice Interview… I got my Cap signed from Daigo :slight_smile:
Rooted for Daigo, I just feel that Justin is so rude~~


Actually I did talk to Daigo for like 15 mins, he told me that he played SF for 15 years.
and we watched the Semi Final - his Friend - Dan’s match together…


Awesome interview. Daigo sure is a CLASS act. Very Humble for someone of his EXTREME level. I know if I was as good as him, I’d probably be an arrogant prick like demand the EVO staff to roll out a red carpet for me and have a caddy hold my arcade stick…LOL. I admire his humbleness (even though that’s how they are in Japan). Much Respect to the BEAST.

It was good to see him actually show some emotion and laugh :slight_smile:

Although I wish they would have picked a better translator (seemed like he was struggling) but good interview none the less.

Great Finals, Great Games, Great Matches. Couldn’t have asked for more for an EVO SFIV finals!


all of it is lies. you see kuni taking so long to translate? its cause daigo was talking mad shit after every question. this is what he was really saying:

“jwong needs to get off my nuts”

“america is garbage at this game”

“it was free all along i was just sandbagging to give you scrubs hope”

“you guys all suck”

lol no lies daigo is super cool and didn’t mind me attacking him in the casino for a handshake. kuni is dope as fuck too, dude was in my pool for sf4 and surprisingly had top tier english. daigo’s english still isn’t so hot though :confused:


please dont double post