Interview with David-paul"JiBbo/Automattock" Mattock

From now on you won’t have to wait. The moment i finish the interview i am posting it, weekly is too hectic for me. Enjoy guys.

Lol, I love this guy :rofl:

Good stuff! :tup:
Too bad it was before SB4, would have been interesting to hear what he thought of fighting Daigo and if the saw the “saturn pad Gen” :rofl:

Yeah. this interview was done around a week ago. I’m gonna start posting them the day of so its not old news.

I’m actually getting a partner in this website soon. And i might have to think of a creative gaming website name other than Lukenessmonst3r unless my name gets recognized easily(like lol.

My friend will be writing game reviews and we’ll post about news and stuff. And ill be sticking to interviews, news in the street fighter world, and hopefully graduate to podcasts or something idk time will tell. But if anyone has a suggestion for the name of my site, ill take it into consideration.

More fighting game podcasts is always welcome as far as I’m concerned. I love having those things on while travelling/working/interneting/whatever.

Good to know. I just need to figure out a way to do the podcasts, and i need people to podcast with haha. I have my partner but we have no topics yet. I’m gettin on it believe me. I’m seriously considering keeping the Lukenessmonst3r “site”

I predict the marvel guys doing a drive-by and shooting up this kids house after this :confused:

Please, don’t let your trolling spill into other threads. Keep the flame wars in the “only a robot can save smash” thread.

On Topic: I bet the alphaism guys or gootecks could give you some tips.

At smash guy, i used to play smash(melee)

Played for 6 years and i still love the scene but im into street fighter now and its more hype to me.

And im tryin to reach gootecks atm actually