Interview with Duc Do

For those who don’t know who Duc Do is he is one of the original MvC2 champions. He practically invented the AHVB on the third day it was out. Not to mention he is probably the best Spiral player in the world. When I asked him if I could interview him for the MvC2 forums he said “Anything to help out the community”.

Hopefully you guys read what he has to say and walk away with some nostalgia, a few laughs, and maybe even some knowledge.

If you had to pick one important thing a beginner marvel player had to learn, know, or do… what would it be?**

ducvader: hmmmm
ducvader: One thing that a beginner marvel should do is have fun when they play
ducvader: sure competition is nice but if you let it get to your head
ducvader: then you are losing to them because its all about mind games
ducvader: of course you can have fun and lose all the time but then that wouldn’t be fun because anyone would crack after so many losses, keep going at it and don’t give up

Are there any common mistakes you see among the new blood of marvel?

ducvader: Most common mistake I see new blood do is crack under pressure
ducvader: When they play someone and lose a games most of the guys just lose it and end up losing the match because their focus goes down the drain
ducvader: Always apply the fun factor and you should be ok
ducvader: I think cracking under pressure is normal,
ducvader: but the way a person takes it is what makes that person win or lose
ducvader: I’ve seen good players do bad when they play under anger and lose to people they should win against
How would you try to play low tier characters? Do you think low tiers have any chance at all in marvel?**

ducvader: low low tiers?
TyphoonYah: yeah below the 2nd tier
TyphoonYah: including rogue and sim and the like
ducvader: It’s possible but very tough
ducvader: Remember this game is all about teams
ducvader: and your gameplan
ducvader: when your team starts to break down and you lose a character here and there
ducvader: will you be tough enough to comeback from it?

Do you think it’s important for marvel players to learn more than just the big 4 and the most recent and abuseable team? Should a true champion be more a master of the game as a whole instead of just the newest top tier team that everyone is using?**

ducvader: I think its important for a marvel player to learn what they want to play in that game
ducvader: look at joe zaza
ducvader: he loves wolverines
ducvader: and hes not going to change that
TyphoonYah: lol
TyphoonYah: yea
ducvader: and justin k
ducvader: he loves morrigan, gambit, sonson
ducvader: hes not going to change that
ducvader: It is up to the person in regards who they want to play, however sometimes branch out to other teams and don’t always take it so seriously
ducvader: what if someone some day came out with an effective strat with a character you don’t know how to play against
ducvader: what will you do then?
TyphoonYah: adapt
ducvader: sure adapt
TyphoonYah: try to at least
ducvader: I’m betting spiral will do good against a lot of people
ducvader: because they haven’t played her in years
ducvader: lol
ducvader: who knows
TyphoonYah: LOL
TyphoonYah: yeah
ducvader: we’ll see when evo comes
TyphoonYah: looking foward to it
ducvader: most of all these people know how to play against big 4
ducvader: but what about the odd ball characters
ducvader: the important thing is to play what you like
ducvader: and make it fun
TyphoonYah: heh

How do you think spiral fits in the current marvel scene? Do you think spiral is still almost as capable as any other 2nd tier character?

ducvader: I think spiral can do really well against any team personally, however she does take some work which I don’t believe anyone else is willing to do.
ducvader: Most of the teams I see nowadays are really effective because the level of game play has increased over a 5 year span
ducvader: Spiral can have her tough matches but with smart game play and some patience she can win
ducvader: I have yet to see anyone else play her really well, wish there was someone lol. I get “Duc is SPIRAL” a lot cause I’m probably the only one who plays her the way I do in this day and age
What’s your most memorable experience or match you had at a tourney and why was it so important to you?**

TyphoonYah: What’s your most memorable fight you had at a tourney and why was it so important to you?
TyphoonYah: well match*
TyphoonYah: or experience really
ducvader: I had a few memorable matches
ducvader: my most memorable match would be against ricky ortiz and soo mighty
ducvader: where I should have lost but somehow came back
ducvader: soo sent me to losers at an shgl tourney
ducvader: I had to beat him two sets
ducvader: he was up 3-1 the first set
ducvader: and nothing was working for me
ducvader: so I went with a team that I don’t play much
ducvader: sent/storm/cap
ducvader: I came back three games
ducvader: then won the last set
ducvader: I’m sure its memorable to him too cause he did mention it at the psm tourney
TyphoonYah: did you guys say anything afterwards?
ducvader: ya sure
ducvader: we’re buddies
ducvader: it all fun and games
TyphoonYah: lol
TyphoonYah: that’s good
ducvader: of course you might get piss for a sec
ducvader: but who wouldn’t be disappointed
ducvader: its normal
ducvader: oh and ricky ortiz
ducvader: he was the king of running
ducvader: or queen I should say
TyphoonYah: lol
ducvader: anyways, there was about 30 seconds left in our match my spiral is hurt really bad and he just dhc from cable ahvb to storm
ducvader: I had 5 meters with cable
ducvader: and no way of getting him down from all the running, think about it his storm had a lot of life left and theres 30 seconds left, how could I win right?
TyphoonYah: tough
TyphoonYah: i’m sure
ducvader: I did something I’ve never done before, I burnt all my cable meter with spiral assist
ducvader: that was a lot of chip damage and it looked like I was going to win according to ricky but I think he would have still won if he kept running
ducvader: thinking that he is losing he desperately tries to attack with hail and I jump regular viper beam him and his A cable assist
ducvader: I won by a few pixels
TyphoonYah: damn
ducvader: like 1-3 pixels
TyphoonYah: good match
ducvader: the crowd went wild
TyphoonYah: i bet
TyphoonYah: lol
ducvader: I’ve played many matches and the sad part is
ducvader: I don’t remember a lot of them
ducvader: lol
TyphoonYah: heh
TyphoonYah: it happens
Is there any specific way(s) you’d recommend people get involved with the community? **

ducvader: hmmmm
ducvader: well there was a tourney yesterday at this place called PSM
ducvader: the tourney went really well and the host Eugene went out of his way to make things fun and exciting
ducvader: by providing drinks and pizza and a place to compete
ducvader: everyone is important
ducvader: If everyone was to put in a little effort to help out
ducvader: then it would make the community much better
ducvader: an example, lets say you are at a tourney and someone left their trash on a table and you are standing next to a trashcan
ducvader: pick it up and throw it away
ducvader: I’m sure the host would appreciate it
ducvader: Doesn’t take much time and it’s helping someone who is helping you
ducvader: if a tourney director is calling for someone and you know that person, get your ass going and find him so the tourney can run efficiently
ducvader: My point here is everyone should do something and not be passive
ducvader: be active in some way that will speed up tournies and benefit the bond between all the players

[14:49] TyphoonYah: ok well let me see
[14:49] TyphoonYah: I asked a few people on the channel
[14:50] TyphoonYah: if they have any good questions
[14:50] TyphoonYah: and about the only decent one was
[14:50] TyphoonYah: FMJaguar: why didn’t he come back to ecc and beat down justin after he lost b5?

ducvader: lol
ducvader: let me see
ducvader: …
ducvader: no Money?
ducvader: lol
TyphoonYah: LOL
ducvader: I’ve never went to the east coast before
ducvader: and I would love to visit there just to see what it is like there
TyphoonYah: heh
ducvader: oh and everyone will get their shot against justin since he is traveling to almost every major
ducvader: no need to chase him
TyphoonYah: lol
ducvader: he’ll come to you
TyphoonYah: What do you think of Justin btw?
ducvader: Justin is a smart player
ducvader: Good guy and humble
ducvader: that’s the image I have of him right now the few times we met and chatted

Is there anything you want to tell the people of srk or want to let them know or any shoutouts?

ducvader: hymmm shout outs
ducvader: to the people of SRK
ducvader: keep the scene going
ducvader: and always have fun
ducvader: if you talk shit to anyone, don’t resort to violence
ducvader: take it out in your gameplay and put money where you mouth is
ducvader: i’ll see you all at Evo this year
ducvader: and good luck to everyone

I’d like to thank duc do for doing the interview. If any of you have any questions for him I might do a follow up. Also I may opt for a more fatherbrain ish interview next time.

Hope you enjoy, I’m trying to find more players that are willing to help and I will also be asking to see if any top players is willing to write up anything for the marvel forum.

Hope you took something away from this.

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has duc really never been to the east coast?


Good shit Jin, and Duc.

what team has duc been using lately?

i remember duc coming to FL before.

Duc is madness. I’m lucky he gave up XvSF.

duc came to fl like in 2001? i think a long time ago back when m
ruby an em played games

<-- marvel noob

What is the “new and abusable” team?

Servbot, Zangief, Blackheart !

There’s not a specific “new and abusable” team, I think he just meant it figuratively. Is figuratively even the word I’m looking for? Who knows, but you get what I mean.

He’s right it was just figuratively speaking.

great read… thanks :slight_smile:

I think that it’s the same team he always used. Spiral/Cable/Sentinel. I also saw him use Captain Commando in a recent video.

Thanks for the interview, Higher-Jin.

Some vids up at Preppy’s website

good read higher-jin thanks a lot for doing the interview

Congrats on winning. :slight_smile:

ducvader: I’m betting spiral will do good against a lot of people
ducvader: because they haven’t played her in years
ducvader: lol
ducvader: who knows
TyphoonYah: LOL
TyphoonYah: yeah
ducvader: we’ll see when evo comes
TyphoonYah: looking foward to it
ducvader: most of all these people know how to play against big 4


I read this interview for the first time post-EVO, and this really stood out. Props to Duc. And thanks Higher Jin for the great interview. :tup:

Eh Jin, you played Duc before? He loks like a tough playa from what i seen over the years. its hard to get in contact and play top players like him…the last good players i played was JMAR and wong in Gville FL.

I am willing!!! Make me thine apprentice!!! LoLz. But seriously, I’ve been trying to take her up, but my first hurdle is I cant understand her jump LoLz. I working on it.