Interview with Duc Do

I recently talked with Duc Do in hopes of trying to get him to give some information about MvC2 for the MvC2 forums. We then opted for a interview and it is posted here:

Be warned it is largely about MvC2 so if you’re not a fan just be warned there’s bound to be alot of talk over it but there is also talk some talk about tournament experiences and the community.

Hope you enjoy, I’ll try to track down some other established players to see if they can give any tips, write ups or interviews.

Thanks alot Duc, I appreciate it.

  • HJ

bump-a-mania brother ohhhhhhh yeah

Interview Viscant! I’ve heard that you two get along really well, so it should be easy to get an interview off him. I’m sure he’s dying to hear from you.

ya know…that’s not a bad idea.