Interview With IFC YIPES on MvC3 now with Part 2

Neo Empire Interviews: IFC Yipes on MvC3 Part 1 Neo Empire!

With many thanks to Dawgtanian, he’s managed to bring us an exclusive interview with one of the US’s most notorious Marvel players, IFC YIPES. Check out the link above for Part 1 and make sure to leave in the comments box any questions you might have. The best questions will be picked and presented to YIPES for Part 2 of the interview.

Nice interview.

Looking forward to part 2 of this interview.

Don’t know much about Marvel, but push block sounds rage-inducing if you’re not a keepaway player. How does pressure/rushdown work if you can literally mash your way to safety?

I don’t see how you can mash if the opponent knows you’re mashing while blocking. Not to mention the interview only mentioned mashing AG while blocking a super

I’m pretty sure its been confirmed you can mash AG REGARDLESS

if you try to mash pushblock during your opponent attacking you better hope they have really good blockstrings or an attack is coming out and youre getting punished lol

at least, was the case in 2

it’s still the case in MvC3 nickguy.

This interview is great.

Anyways, I think rushdown will depend greatly on mix-ups with lockdown assists. You can’t pushblock assist, so I think you’ll have to capitalize on that with your on-point character to start off your pressure with a high/low mix-up.

Either that or start setting up unblockables to start pressure.

AdvancingGuard is very powerful in this game.


Basically we’re talkin about baiting mashed AG (which really isn’t even effective, most stuff you just need to pushblock once or twice in TvC, especially in MvC3; at least against things that do get pushed, dunno about MvC2)


I see pushblocks being a problem in MvC3 since there’s literally no reason not to mash it out if you see yourself enter blockstun. It pushes too far and can be mashed too often imo, but we’ll just have to see the final build before we start asking for changes.

…like we said, AG baiting…which still wouldn’t be effective if you DON’T mash, so yes, there is reason to not mash.

Part 2 is up…

Neo Empire Interviews: IFC Yipes on MvC3 Part 2 Neo Empire!

yipes putting daigo on blasttttt

nuff said bring him back capcom.

I honestly think Daigo would be good at this game. I imagine he’d play a zoning team.

going to check this out soon.

Yipes said it best. Needs more Mango Sentinel. You know what to do Capcom.

Oh and Daigo and SSF4 got put on brast.

Ah, poor Daigo. But hey, he’s already the SSFIV beast.