Interview with, IMHO, the best Bison player on the planet right now: GSU Gagapa



“Bison is not tournament-win viable. He has too many bad matchups.”

Generally speaking, this guy has the best of both worlds: flashy but solid. The way he plays Bison is brilliant. Just absolutely devastated Alioune’s Cammy here:


has already been posted…




Saw it a while ago. I still dunno why we play this character. :frowning: I can’t click with anyone else.


Just got destroyed by a 4600 PP Fei Long. The top tier is SO MUCH CLEARLY better that I don’t even know why this is in dispute. You go to a cammy, akuma, or fei forum and they’re asking for meaningful buffs. These people are insane.

I hear you man. I’ve tried other characters and it’s just not the same. Capcom fucking frustrates me. STOP MAKING A TOP FUCKING TIER!!! You’re inherently giving an advantage to a group of players who happen to like those characters. I don’t understand what’s so fucking hard to understand. Then again, these are the same retards who INTENTIONALLY made Yun and Yang off the charts good a while back. WHY?! Where’s the logic?!


Btw … Gagapa stopped playing SF4 / Bison … too bad … 8(

@Beautiful One
Stop complaining … Bison does have solid 5/5 MU against a lot of the top tier chars … it is just hard work and u need solid MU knowledge.


Kiss my ass.


Wow … nice attitude … lolz … no comment.


“Adon is not tournament-win viable,” “Seth is low tier” ect…
Yeah, heard it all before.


No wonder Alioune was so salty when stating his personal nerfs for Bison. lol


Lol @ “kiss my ass”.

Also people always thought Adon wasn’t viable, but cried about facing him, ever since he was in the game.