Interview with KSK (Godsgarden / Gamer's Vision Arcade)


We posted up an interview with KSK (Creator of GODSGARDEN and owner of Gamer’s Vision) earlier today where we ask him about the Japanese fighting game scene, running an arcade and how SSF4 being console-only will affect his business. Thanks to KSK for spending some time answering our questions and thanks to Hiroaka Inaba for the translation!


Good shit…The best Alex player IMO




Great article! I have alot of respect for ksk even though I don’t like sf3.


Hahaha, KSK is rad.


awesome, thanks.


HAHA, I know… I wonder what “strange places” he is talking about… Makes me think he drives hella far to get hookers or something which is pretty dope if true. LOL


Awesome read here. Cool to see Rockefeller(rokufera haha) get a shoutout. He also has good taste in Southern All-Stars. :slight_smile:

It’d be awesome if it was true. I think he’s married though(I’ve heard someone on here say she speaks English).


ksk rules this is an awesome interview


Interesting to see that Japanese arcades are actually struggling to bring in new players too. I wonder if eventually Japan will actually move to console.


That would be interesting to see; Japan losing one of the things that makes them better than Americans while American scenes are gaining players.


I doubt it…There’s still plenty of games that are coin-op only. Even if the Arcade scene weakens, it’ll never go away for good in Japan.


Great interview, thanks Haunts :tup:


KSK rules. this was a joy to set up.



also alex is the best character


Yes he is married and she is pretty cute :wink: