Interview with MastaCJ, UMvC3 winner, at APEX 2012


Christopher “MastaCJ” Domenech, winner of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at APEX 2012 and a 50-point seeding boost for Evolution 2k12, tells us about the competition he faced, his intentions leading up Evo, and what he thinks of the encroaching idea of “esports.”




The awkward face when he admitted he already had her on facebook XD

also, #esports


MastaCJ always looks nervous. I asked him for his autograph and he was like “I dont even know where to sign, like this is my first one. How should I sign it? CJ or MastaCJ?”


Shoutouts to that MastaCJ face.

Shoutouts to an eSports affiliate taking interest in a fighting game event and showing up there.


Jesus Christ why are pro Marvel players so awkward?


Cuz they’re ashamed of their WESKER IN THE BACK.

On the real nice interview and I thought Rachel was very professional also.


Dat esport bitch is fineeee, holy shit. Bye guys, time to get into esports


His real name isn’t even CJ what the hell I have been lied to.


Is this actually seltzer? lol

I want an interview with ultrdavid. Lets see what he has to say about the whole esports thing. Its a fun controversy (all insults aside).


The man with the greatest mix up in Mahvel history, good interview