Interview With SRK Players

I thought it would be neat to interview some of the SRK players here. Ima try to get atleast 1 interview every 2 weeks or so. Good shit, let’s get this rollin.
PM me if you would like to be interviewed? O_o…
Interview With Sir Phobos aka Matt McCabe**

HAK: So phobos, when did you start playing this game, and why?

**SirPhobos: I started in 2002, I bought it for console and just messed around with friends at the time. We weren’t very good or anything, and I hadn’t watched tournament match vids or anything yet. I bought CVS2 because my friends, at the time, were into 2D fighters, and I was picking up all the old DC Capcom games.

HAK: Very interesting. So why did you decide to get serious into the game?

SirPhobos: Well, I found out about websites like, and then later on when I was surfing the internet, trying to find info about 3rd Strike so I could beat my friends. =P
I started to download combo videos, and then I found out about match videos…

SirPhobos: The first match videos I watched were some old SHGL tourney vids between Alex Valle and Combofiend. When I watched them, I was blown away by Valle’s N-Ryu and Combofiend’s Rolento. I wanted to get good at CVS2 like them, so I started reading strats on SRK and practicing at home.

HAK: So I take it Combofiend and Valle are some of your admirable players? Do you have any others?

**SirPhobos: **That’s right. I admire a lot of players, but some of my favorite American players are Valle, Combofiend, John Choi, Jason Cole, and Mike Watson. They all have impressive amounts of clutch that makes every match with them exciting to watch. My favorite player, though, is probably Daigo. In every game, he has a fearless attitude, and his mind-reading skills are unparalleled.

HAK: How long did it take you to get as good as you are now? And do you play often, with who? Are they your level or are they higher?

SirPhobos: I’ve been playing ever since I started in 2002, so to get as good as I am now…about 4 years! I still have a long way to go, though. I play CVS2 and 3S with RiCo as often as possible, but not lately. Everyone around here usually starts playing pretty hardcore during the summer before Evo, though. All of the RiCo players (Albert, Nam, Jesse, David, Bill) are really good at CVS2. They are definitely above me, but I think I’m catching up pretty quick.

HAK: Any tips to someone wanting to learn cvs2 or 3s?

SirPhobos: For anyone who wants to learn CVS2 or 3S, just find some people to play with. If you play together often, everyone in the group will start to get better. It also helps to watch videos, but not to just copy what you see. Look at the setups they use in the vid, and see if you can incorporate them into your own gameplan.

HAK: Thanks for the time phobos, is there any shout outs you want to give?

SirPhobos: I wanna give a shoutout to Hail and Kill from San Diego, he’s a beast. Everyone’s gotta watch out for him at Evo this year. Not just in CVS2, but keep an eye on your hoez because he just might snatch them up while you aren’t looking. I also wanna give a shoutout to Paro-Da AKA Barlog, and misterbean AKA Senior Frijole. You guys are bitches.

HAK: ey hold up whats senior frijole?

HAK: Haha
SirPhobos:** Spanish for “beans”

Thanks Phobos. And i want to snatch your hoes, yes.