Interview With The Beast (deleted)

In order to avoid any conflicts with copyrights, I have deleted the thread. Sorry. :sad: It was brought to my attention that I do not have the permission of INH (the book’s publisher) to do the translation, and I didn’t want to cause any problems.

My apologies.

oh you tease you!


Thanks anyway, NKI. :slight_smile:


I read it once but didn’t think to copy it.

Anyone have a saved copy?

it was good while it lasted for the 20 mins :frowning:

OK, but was this a transcript of the interview at the X-MANIA tournament? Daigo wearing a murky green v-neck, with the old sf2 posters making the background? If so, I think I have that video (from their own website, before anyone asks)

I’m thinking it might be, since that was affiliated with Insanity Naked Hunter too

Damn, did ANYONE saved the interview? Or know how to obtain it with the cache files or something?

lucky 4 me i got it on cd. MuHaHaHAHaaaAAA …im so sad.

Hey NKI, from the previous thread, I wondered if the whole “Starting Over: Hyper Street Fighter II” meant that Japanese tournaments will be using the Anniversary Edition of SFII. If so, then it would be interesting if it becomes an EVO standard.

OK, the reason why the thread was deleted is because I was told that THE INTERVIEW SHOULDN’T BE POSTED ONLINE…

So if anyone does have a copy…don’t post it online. :wonder:

I’d be happy to tell you about the interview, but I can’t post a direct translation like I did before.

Basically they just ask him about his match with Justin at Evo2004 (the full parry). They asked him if he knew about how amazingly popular the vid had become online, and he said he actually doesn’t use the internet (!!!), but he’s heard about it. They ask him about the match itself…if that’s what he expected Justin to do, and he pretty much says yes, because Daigo had no other options but to parry the whole super, which most people can’t do. They ask him how he felt when the crowd went crazy, and he basically just said “Meh…it was nice”. He then explains to the interviewer that probably the reason why the crowd went so nuts is because so many people hate Justin.

Dunno who here has seen it, but there was also a vid of Daigo sleeping on a park bench outside of the Evo event hall…that vid was floating around the net for a while, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. They asked him why the hell he was sleeping on a park bench, and he said because there were hella long waits between matches, and he was tired…so he just peaced out. They asked if he felt his privacy had been violated, and he said no, not really.

That was it. It wasn’t very long, really.

I believe you’re talking about this interview, which is different from the one I posted a transcript for.

No, the tourney was actually for ST, not for AE. They also had AE casuals, but it was not a tourney, as far as I can tell. Just seems to be random matches on the DVD, and they don’t have any brackets like they do for the ST tourney.

lol daigo is serious
is it true that daigo is a conceited dick?

thx NKI

lol, fucking dis

can you translate the x-mania vid or make a subtitle file for it?

Still truth in most ways. =x


Daigo hates Justin? :confused:

Justin vs Daigo PT.III at Evo 06!!!:annoy:

If I were Daigo, I’d hate Justin!

Actually, in the interview, Daigo complimented Wong saying that he was a really good player. It was something along the lines of Wong wins so much that people hate him.

interviewer: OK, just a couple of quick questions…

Daigo: Sure.

interviewer: What’s your nickname?

Daigo: “Umehara” [note from NKI: he doesn’t use “The Beast” as a nickname; that’s what others call him; he just uses his real last name]

interviewer: How long have you been playing games?

Daigo: Probably about 10 years or so.

interviewer: And how long have you been playing Street Fighter?

Daigo: About the same.

interviewer: So since WW or so?

Daigo: Hrm…yeah, I guess about that time.

[note from NKI: the interviewer is really hard to hear (very quiet) on this next question, so I’m not 100% sure about what he asks, but I can hear Daigo’s reply just fine]
interviewer: Is there anyone who you are afraid of in this tourney?

Daigo: Hmm…no, not really.

interviewer: So are you pretty fired up?

Daigo: Well, I don’t know if I’d say that, but I am confident.

interviewer: All righty. Thank you very much.

[Daigo starts to get up]

interviewer: Oh, wait…we need to take a picture.

Daigo: Oh, OK.

[note from NKI: again, it’s quiet…can’t really hear him]
interviewer: You like having your picture taken, right?

Daigo: Um…no, not really. (laughs)

interviewer: OK, thank you very much. Go get 'em!

:confused:? Not that I’m aware of. From the times I’ve talked to him and from the interviews I’ve watched/read, he just seemed to be a really quiet guy who doesn’t like to make a big deal out of anything.

Whoa…you need to go back and read my post again, because nowhere in there does it say that Daigo hates Justin. He actually gave Justin props in the interview.

Just wanted to know from your perspective NKI, because I’ve read otherwise.