Interview with Thelo The Great

An interview with Thelo The Great for, as part of the team i want to thank to thelo for this wonderful interview, excelent answers and good tips for every honda player and street fighter II HDR/ST in general.

This one is an especial interview, because thelo made a great contribution to the scene, providing nice information and even strategy.

Interview with “Thelo the great”

Thank you thelo one more time, fucking A!

Awesome job Phil and Thelo!

naaw, but thanks, thelo is the man(no homo), not me :slight_smile:

Honda is a really cool guy and kills shotos, and he doesn’t afraid of anyone.:tup:

seriously, this year I predict it will be the raise of the non shotos.

great interview, Thelo is a stand up guy. Keep up the good work.

Good interview, Thelo! Way to provide insight into the game. Thanks for asking good questions, philcito!

I figure I can nominate this for an article if Misc. stuff can make it on SRK’s front page.

Nominated. Good job philcito.

Very nice, bro. Enjoyed reading that interview. Now where’s my spot? :wink:

Dosu-Koi !

So we have a fat Dhalsim and a skinny Honda in SRK.

Great stuff, Thelo. Pretty nice advice for beginners and even intermediates like me who are often more predictable than they realize. And great stuff from philcito.

Everyone nominate this article or face the torment of watching your character be ochioed 24/7 for all eternity!

Good stuff buddy! Honda is a char to respect. You only started playing ST in 2k8. Nice progression! Massive props! I had a random question when did Cole start using Sim?

cole sim in hyper edition, champion possibly even. long time ago.

“You don’t really choose your character, your character chooses you!”

Good quote from Thelo, there.

I would not have suffixed the interview with videos of Thelo getting beat like that, though. Bad idea.

Shoryuken - Fighter101 Interview with Thelo - HDr Honda Player thanks guys for nominating this thread :slight_smile:

“Hands are soooo cheap”

Honda is baby zone.