Interview with VRyu



I know Vryu posts here, so I hope I am not embarrassing him, but we put together an interview asking him a bunch of questions. Check it out:



Pretty nice interview!
lol @ V-Ryu’s F+HK comment.


Awesome interview! V-Ryu is the man <–Understatement of the day


shoutouts to mossad man


Great interview! Should we all start calling you Jimmy? :wink:


I’m just going to be reffering to him as Sensei lol.


I need to work the EX Oroshi follow ups into my game more. Untech knockdowns are so juicy.


yeah i felt like a v-ryu groupie when i read that lol.

“HE SAID MY NAME!!! (while fainting)” lmao.

Really good interview. Excellent advice, as usual. Its funny how after all this time we are still learning.

I had seen the videos SEVERAL times lol. Watching them in my sleep now I think…


great interview ryu.

mossad your hilarious,


Good interview. Love vRyu.

However, I still think f+hk isn’t that good because it’s hard to use as bait since it’s not like you can bait something out with it due to startup n stuff. it’s easy to sweep it or it on reaction. Imo with how bad it is on block the total frame should be slightly faster. This would make a big difference.

I’m thinking now, does it force proximity guard? If it did then this would mean worlds for her, but I bet not…

Cause then it’d actually be useful. -_-

My conclusion: outside of wakeup and maybe of a AA tsurugi -> jf.hp reset, it doesn’t seem viable. I would have to say the most underated move is her forward medium kick. There’s enough time to hit confirm it into forward hard kick target combo. It does 350 stun and nice damage.