Interviewing PR Rog



Hay guys i’ll be interviewing PR Rog. I wanted to know if you guys had any questions for him regarding balrog. A lot of the interview will be devoted to things like umvc3 and gaming in general so i won’t be asking all your questions. But if i see anything good i will for sure include it.

Let me know!


please ask him on what he thinks will change on the overall match for balrog with the current buffs and if he see any potential usage in ultra 2. if so, against whom?

thanks :slight_smile:


Ask what goes through his head when an opponent starts focusing/countering his footsies. Like his mental process when an opponent defeats his ground-game during a match. Dunno if that makes any sense, but that’s a question i had. Like does that end the match for him, or does he change his game and try something different.


Does he feel that Combos involving Cr.Mp is viable? or is it just the 1frame link stops most people from using Cr.Mp


break down of his reads for his throw game. same question for umvc3 also


Ask him when he is going to make more youtube vids for matchups and stuff.


Yo guys finally got the interview in. Gonna take a day to upload vids and edit the interview. We had a lot of random talk offline so i want to keep it to the interview only.


Interview up


Great interview fox, sounds like PR Rog’s a really swell guy. Anyway, he’s no longer with DMG?


I’m not sure honestly. I don’t know if DMG is a sponsorship or just a tag. But he says he’s not sponsored so ya…


Well, last I heard DMG was picked up by MCZ, so yeah, he was sponsored.

TBH, he’s good enough to be kept on by MCZ, dunno he’s not sponsored no more.

Good work, regardless.


Aw too bad it’s over :frowning:
Next time, could you ask him If am I cute?