Inthul proves Fei Long needs nerfing!



Pad Long was wrecking people at the tourney this weekend. Congrats! Sucks you lost to FM, but you had a great run and earned a lot of respect for Fei :slight_smile: 192 people currently viewing this forum!


Nerf Inthul. Jeez, that was too hype.

Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread

mad respect to inthul!!

glad i decided to main fei long when ssf4 came out. (didnt even know he can go this far in tournaments) but even if not… fei is the man.


Thread title is dumb. But good job getting that far.


It had at tops 500+


I literally yelled “HOLY SHIT” when Inthul beat Arturo


Only got to watch the last two matches he played, but oh man they were crazy


Here comes the fei long dick riders


Fei Long gets bodied quick if you don’t dedicate yourself to him. I don’t see this lasting long.


lol. 246 viewing. intul killin it with fei. good stuff


Haha word.

I was just watching it with my friend and said tomorrow, half the matches we play will probably be against Fei Longs.

It’s sad, people because try to pick their “main” by watching someone else play. What they don’t realize, is those people picked their character based on who fit their playstyle. They should do the same, instead, they just dickride.


also, this


Lol, Inthul putting Starnab on blast.


Almost 300 people viewing now, good shit to Inthul. Nice to see someone different out there wrecking shit.


New Sig “I use pad because I am Pro”…


I have no idea what anyone is here cause I missed the stream, but if anyones got links to the vids I am dying to see them.


Congrats to PadLong…he owned it. Great tourny man…can’t wait to see you at Evo.


727 viewing during the hype:


Fei Long needs nerfing? You need some fucking practice.


video’s or it didnt happen. :nunchuck: