Intimidated by SSFIV scene

Hey guys in the Newbie Dojo. I’m CaptainTalon and as much as I love fighting games, I did not have the best experience irl. Most of the guys who were in the scene, for me were very elitest or just unfriendly. So after a brief stint of SFIV, I stopped playing for a very long time and now, I’ve got a 3DS to start “small,” and to try working my way to an intermidiate level.

So, first thanks for listening to my rant and I’m sorry if I offended anyone. Now after having said that, I have a basic understanding of moves and terminology but what I really want to work on is execution. I’ve messed around in training mode and am still working on trial but like all fighting games the execution isn’t there so I was wondering if anyone out there would like to work with me a little.

Crap I’m sorry guys, but can I request to have this thread locked I’ve saw the stickied topics