Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


I could have sworn it went on before… Well, that’s my L.


Damn dude. You didn’t have to kick the man’s head off. Some of the deaths in here are definitely fatalities.


I don’t know if I can handle TWO people as godlike as Sunny


I missed the opening fight. :expressionless: Turned on the show and the black dude was cleaning his blade. Sigh.


The curbstomp fatality was better and outta of nowhere!


Sunny wit dat character development, yo.


Diplomacy is probably going to fail.

Edit: Yyyup…looks like its gonna fail.


Glad Sonny didn’t kill him - no need to get rid of such an interesting character after one episode.


MK is annoying asf imo.


Something always bothered me. Why exactly are guns not a thing anymore? Did folks forget how to make them after the collapse of the US? Like so much knowledge and history was lost that dudes have to re learn shit? The show does look like they have regressed technology wise. Is there such a short supply of metal, iron etc that it’s more efficient to make melee weapons as appose to ammo for guns which constantly needs to be replaced?


In the first episode of the series, there was an intro that explained guns were outlawed by the Barons. Given that, I’d expect anyone w/ a gun would be massively OP. I do expect them to show up eventually, but it’s gonna be on some FF final boss level stuff.


Personally I think that’s a weak explanation. Because today we have nations in which civilians owning guns for the most part is illegal. But yet criminal organizations within these countries still have means to acquire them despite the govrenment saying it’s illegal. So I’m not buying that. Like if someone has the know how to manufacture guns and ammo, why don’t they just do it? Like Doesn’t matter how tough a Barron and his clipper’s are. If one shows up to their door step with a full auto weapon, he or she ain’t doing shit.


That’s exactly my point - I expect characters with guns to show up eventually. However, it wouldn’t make sense to do so too early in the show’s life b/c they’re trying to establish a world without them.


Well…hopefully he isnt dead but he’s gonna need to see somebody about that nub before he bleeds out.


so sonny is officially rurouni kenshin?


His levels of badassery just went up 100. He’s gonna wreck fools with one hand or some weapon that utilizes the nub.


They solved that by nerfing him then stealing his weapon

lol at Nick Frost running around like those Golden Axe thieves


I like 999 kills dude, he has a lot of potential despite being a mental case. Heck wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up saving Sunny and/or his family someday.

I think The Widow does mean well but like they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


Trust me, he’s gonna be one of those eternal warriors constantly looking for death but never finding it.


I feel like there’s a bigger reason for the guns being outlawed and virtually nonexistent, like there’s a society of inventors and scientists somewhere out there that would body the fuck out of the Barons if they tried to acquire more tech.