Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


i feel like a world war happened. im convinced that wall was supposed to be a wink and nod to whats going on in america.


This Macklemore lookin mf is up to something…


Quinn is about to crash the party…have a feeling this isn’t gonna go the way he wants it to though.


Well now…what was that like…4-5 barons killed in that massacre? Well played Quinn. And Widow took out 2 of them.


Rider’s such a fraud lol


The feels…


Rider was out lol


Best thing about this episode was that it showed the series can have an episode w/o Sunny and still be dope. I just hope they don’t stretch his journey back home too long - something like that can get boring real quick.


Agreed, this episode was legit even without Top-Tier Sunny around.

However I’m now even more anxious to see him lay the smackdown since we’ve gone 1 episode without him. Quinn to me stole the show and just showcases how much of a psychotic, intellectual and honorable nutcase that he really is. The guy gave his son a chance, which is more than what the he deserved considering in all honesty, the only thing Ryder was ever good at was having top tier Storm run away tactics.

Personally, I’m getting really bored of MK’s storyline, I mean, how many times do I have to watch this guy pass out? I could act in his role at this point Gets Script for Into the Badlands (Scene with MK Description - Out Cold On The Ground). Damn son, must have been a tough acting week for you.


Quinn strolling like a boss, love how everything else in this show runs like river around a rock, the rock being Quinns relentlessly crazy badassery. Then theres the Sonny and bitchMK sub plot I guess.


I dont know the name of the actor but whoever is playing Quinn is doing an excellent job of making him memorable.


Is it me or the fights are not as good as season 1?


Better than Iron Fist, although that’s not saying much…


Well so far there has only been a couple one on one fights, which is where the choreography really shined last season. The fight between the Sunny and the black clipper was pretty badass.

Once the the buildup settles down I’m sure we’ll see more truly skilled fights once again.

I feel ya on this but I know this is just his rite of passage to master his Kaioken and come back to the Badlands like a demigod. The Master already mentioned that even among their kind he’s unusually powerful.

But on another note, it just me or does Sunny’s baby mama have flawless skin? She looks like photoshopped model come to life. Not even the the sexy Widow and Rider’s wife can defeat 1080p but Miss Caramel gets a flawless victory.


Yeah it’s just back and forth bullshit. When he is found I hope he stops being a bitch and listens. I have no idea how he came to the conclusion that the master is a liar(she very well could be, but how can you even tell at this point).

Also how come Veil just didn’t climb up that one room she was going to earlier when she sees that the gate was locked? She cried and panicked like that was it. Edgar was pathetic, though I’m assuming he was still weak from the stuff he drank.

  • any Canadian folks know where Showtime is? I couldn’t find it on my PVR and I need this crack!


Just use fmovies and run it through your ps4, runs brilliantly


Sonny has such excellent taste… this woman is one seriously fine piece…and she’s not even all “dolled up” with typical tv-show makeup etc. and holy shit she just beat some serious blood out of Edgar’s face…yeah I’m getting caught up since I missed last week.

This show is definitely no slouch with the hotness… Emily Beecham (Widow) would get that fine redhead ass ravaged too.

*on another note–costume design is noticeably good on this show… that’s not even something I usually give a shit about.

that one blonde kid reminds me of that Pipboy mascot from the Fallout games.

HA! Pops sows up ike “…kind of him to keep my seat warm…”…and HOLY SHIT the violence now :clap:


I kinda wanna see more of that black Butterfly from a few episodes ago. A female Afro Samurai type in this world sounds badass.


Oh what the hell?