Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


Lets goooooOOOOO!!


Quinn has gone absolute full Loco!!!


Daaaaaamn… You tried to cry rape on a gay nigga lol


Oh YEAH Porsha is quite alright with me… this girl is prime time :wow:

*edit–the eye makeup is weird though…and yeahhhh Sonny’s old girl is better.


Chief Smuggler scumbag/pedo needs to die!!


Oh yeah… Sonny’s about to make a harsh example out of this fool


Awwwww shit


End these bastards with extreme prejudice, Sonny!!


tonight on into the bad rurouni kenshin x bleach


“With a FUCKING HUBCAP! Who the fuck can do that?”


pretty abrupt ending to the episode. Pretty lame ass episode, i dunno if i can be fucked with Quinn getting screwed up with illusions of gayboi talking shit to him instead of him just going straight up ham. Vey is being a useless character, aside from her stellar titties ofcourse.

bitchMK taking a backseat might be the only highlight tonight and even then he did loot some dead kid.


I thought I was the only one who didn’t give a shit about MK’s story. The only time I cared about him was when he was around the cool people.


I was going to say someone needs to make a gif of that. I wish Mythbusters was still around to calculate how much force/acceleration it would take to nearly slice a man’s jaw almost completely through with a hubcap.

From what it seems, Quinn is going crazy due to the trauma of murdering his son and the tumor combined. Because he thought he was getting better and everything was copacetic with his pseudo-family, he “felt” better even as the malignant tumor was eating away at his brain. Now the stress is causing his symptoms to exacerbate. Mind over matter.


lol im surprised the menimist or w/e havent shitted on this show for all the strong females roaming in it


Naw it all still factors in to the male power fantasy. Check Widow, she clowns on nearly everybody, prime Quinn takes her out in 3 seconds? Roundhouse to the temple, even styled on that bitch.

Same with Lydia, who is comming more prominent in the art of throwing hands, she is clearly obsessed with Quinn and was with controlling her son, even though she is all about that feminist bullshit.

Jade is Lydia lite, from bouncing between the dicks of Quinn and Rider to soon enough bending over for any clipper that wants it, we meant to believe this bitch is in charge? :rofl:

You have the Master I guess, who is one above all or some bullshit, but bitchMK snapped her arm out of her ass and he aint even ready yet.

Vey. Set of tits.

So there ya have it, real dudes know whats up :tup: the woman in this show aint shit, hell they strong to make strong guys seem even more badass lol.


Yeah Sonny is going to have some John Wick legends about some the acts he’s done if he keeps this up.

‘You wanna explain to me how we lost an oil field to one person?!’
‘Well sir…one our clippers hit on Sonny’s baby mama…’

Tier list for characters based on fighting capabilities:
S: Sonny, MK with x factor
A: Quinn
B: Widow
C: Lydia, Tilda, Waldo, bajie ( hard placing him…that was some precision throw to cut off that man’s hand)
D : vanilla MK, Ryder,
E: Jade
F: Veil

If I was to place the master id probably put her in S but I don’t think we have enough info on her skills yet. Her biggest feet being stopping a punch from x factored MK even if it did shatter her arm. Im sure if she was going with 100% killing intent she’d probably come out on top.


Lydia ain’t on Tilda or Waldo’s level. Lydia is scrappy, but she’d get that work from them.


Yea Bajie is a fat comedy character but after cutting that hand off am thinking there might be something not so obvious about him. Kinda like…


If i had to flesh out c tier itd be Tilda, Waldo then Lydia. I Lydia is scrappy but as badass as Waldo is Waldo still has the wheel chair nerf.
Lydia would be bottom of C if I had to flesh out. Tilda would be top C. Waldo would tie for Tilda if not for wheelchair nerf.


Waldo would be easy S tier if not for wheelchair nerf wtf. Also Quinn would take out Sunny if not for brain nerf judging by how their respective fights against the widow went.