Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


Oh no doubt Waldo would be up there but we only have hearsay to go on that and based off of what he can do now. I want to believe that Waldo could but manuveability in the wheelchair can only get you so far which is why put her top of C. Now if Waldo pulled out some crazy ish later that offsets the cons of the chair? It easily goes in his favor.

Quinn without tumor nerf vs Sunny would be interesting. Need more info (maybe they go back and show Quinn prime at some point).

How do you guys have them tiered?


I always thought it was clear that the Barons are far superior to any Clipper*(except for that wack Black Baron from last season)*, and that Sunny was an outlier in terms of skill.

I’d probably rank them


X-factor MK
Quinn(even with tumor)








Vanilla MK




The black baron from S1 went toe-to-toe with Quinn. He was no pushover. I think they wrote him off b/c he got a better gig on NBC.


When you split MK further are you having MK standing for currently trained MK and Vanilla MK as Season 1 MK?


Yeah Vanilla MK is his initial scrub self before Sunny training. He wasn’t shit, but his Satsui no Hado could catch people slipping.

Standard MK is MK after getting some training from Sunny.


are we gonna pretend mk’s other side isnt a blatant hollow?


Sonny and Quinn are the two reasons why this show is so enjoyable, and I’m starting to really like Bajie, just because he’s quite humorous and the way he looks reminds me somewhat of SF4 Rufus if he couldn’t fight. As I said, until MK does something relevant, he’ll be irrelevant to me, and I’m glad he had little screen time. Seeing Sonny fight in this episode was great again, this particular fight was like seeing a pack of Putties fighting a Power Ranger, and you know the Ranger isn’t going down, and thumbs up for Porsha…MmmmMmmm. Into the Badlands is great at displaying some fine looking Milfs.

Lastly, am I the only one who thought it was pretty sweet to see an old beat down car with custom open seats in the back where the trunk should be?


aren’t the x-factor monks the top of the list? they handled Sunny and X-factor MK.


@“po pimpus” I think Baijie is a little high. He’s displayed no real fighting prowess compared to the likes of Tilda and Waldo. Tilda was also able to fend off M.K. for a bit without being torn to pieces. I can’t see Baijie doing that.

Moon is definitely A tier at least, I don’t know where he stands now with his missing hand, but I’m sure it won’t be a huge nerf.

The Master is also S-tier as she didn’t even need K-Groove activation to stop M.K. Also bear in mind M.K. is noted by The Master to be step above other “gifted” ones, so I imagine she can block normal attacks from “gifted” fighters no problem in her regular state.

I forgot to mention that this episode left some neat clues on where we are in the timeline. Quinn was watching old B&W silent movies because digital isn’t available, and the junk dealers had remnants of PCs in their wheelbarrows. The fact that everything collected gets called “metal” hints that we might be 200+ years in the future. Several generations removed from all conventional technology.


I intentionally left out the Master and the monks, as well as Moon. They haven’t done enough yet.

If I did, Monks and Moon would be S and Master an S+. Baijie probably too high, but my gut says he’s hiding some skills.


All three of them in X-Factor had to come at Sonny though. So 1v1 I’d still give it to Sunny. Only one I think that can hang with Sunny 1v1 is Quinn

What type of event could cause people to regress techologocally like that??? Like all that knowledge and history just vanished or something? No one is capable of relearning shit, and reactivating or rebuilding powerplants, factories, labs and shit?


Yea, Sonny was starting to give the Abbots the business until they started working together.

I need Bajie to bust out a Rufus spin or at least some Snake Strikes.


Body parts everywhere :o


Tilda and the other girl need to just make out with each other. I’ll pay to see it.

All the girls on this show are magically delicious.



This nigga a psychic


Ahh shit…Veil being with the Widow is going to complicate shit down the road…



EDIT: How much control does he have over it now?! I been blocking out all his scenes lol.


OH SNAP. He’s one of them!


That would definitely explain the precision sword throw from the earlier episode.


I knew fat boy had some sort of hidden past but being an abbot was unexpected!

Heck, the Widow was one as well.