Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


lol I rushed into this thread as soon as the lesbian kiss happened to see what Million had to say.

Gotta give you your dues…

Although I did expect him to have some skills, but not fending off Cung Le level. lol

So it seems there are maybe areas where advanced tech might still exist, but they’ve separated themselves from the rest of the barren wastelands. This makes me believe that this advanced civilization has consolidated tech for themselves, which is probably why there aren’t any guns or complex machinery… yet. Also this hints that these “spiritual” monks might actually be a biological weapon, because other than these “gifteds”, we haven’t really seen anything truly mystical. Maybe this is just some form of bio-engineering? I mean tha asian monk chick was capable of powering up an entire room of Christmas lights/ music with just her hands.

I wonder if Sunny being exposed to monk Cung Le’s Five Point Exploding Heart Technique might end up awakening some hidden potential?. After all, he carried that necklace of the same city since Quinn found him as an infant.


I said it earlier. Bajie is Rufus in disguise, and now I’m just waiting for him to start launching a few dive kicks and Raising The Roof. Maybe what Sunny got may potentially nerf him, or at least incapacitate him for sometime, but could also give him have X-Factor? An X-Factor Sunny would probably become equivalent to Dynasty Warriors Lu Bu.

My own terrible thoughts, but I hope and pray that Sunny doesn’t end up dying at the end of Into The Badlands series (whenever it reaches it true conclusion in the distant future) only to have individuals like MK, his son, etc be the care takers. Please allow Sunny to become the Gouken for the next generation!


I’ve been lurking in this thread for a while. Reading what you guys say is almost as entertaining as the show. When Bajie started hiding from the Abbots, I immediately thought @“po pimpus” is Negrodamus.


"White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X."



Baile ex abbot woot wtf. I always wanted to drive that truck.


Most people know how to use technology but have no idea how it actually works. An EMP would pretty much send us back to the Stone Age.


That’s essentially what happened in Revolution. Too bad most of the characters sucked and overall writing was just average.


annnnd we’re back… starting off already with Vale looking incredible as usual; easily one of the finest women on television at the moment.

If Sunny gets that X-factor powerup it is SO goddamn on, man. :wow:


But what about all the books and shit on Electrical engineering, manufacturing etc? Like I get that the average person only knows how to use tech. But I’m pretty sure the brightest minds during that era. Can study all that pass knowledge and re-learn shit. Now if all those books and knowledge of the 21c century got lost as well. And very few if any engineers, scientist etc left to pas son that knowledge. Then it’d make sense how they have regressed so much with no signs of ever getting back to where we were tech wise.


Wow…she was Baroness for 2 days and lost EVERYTHING. Good job.


They got all those Abbots AND The Master in the same room? What kind of bullshit is gonna happen for them to get out of this?

Edit: Well now that worked out better than expected.


So that’s who Flea is! That explains so much! :smiley:


Well, I def missed this episode lol


I guess you are thinking what I’m thinking on Flea’s identity.


Pretty much, I mean the connection is right there, and based on next week’s episode I think our suspicions will be validated.

Combine what Bajie said with S1’s info and bam!


Yall thinking it could be…




That would be pretty crazy if true but I’m pretty sure she has been cut at least once since we saw her…unless she lost x-factor. I can see that shit now…Quinn is about to betray her at and then she takes the stance and her eyes go black. That’s probably GG’s for Quinn unless he’s dealt with it before.

That is a lot of X-factor abbots the Master got left with…If she comes through from that unscathed then she is in a rank where nobody can touch her at the moment.

Hopefully Sunny doesn’t let the Nightmare he had fill him with self doubt.


Her survival is assured, but she’s probably going to have to kill a bulk of them, which will probably make her very, very pissed.


Which would make the episode title for her return “Diary of a Mad Black Woman