Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


Tbh my gripe with this season is that it’s too slow and not enough fights. Fights aren’t as good as season 1 either. Meh.


you mean his hollow? nah he gonna learn a lesson and activates his shinigami powers.


It’s been implied that The Abbots can take away that power. Also we’ve seen a character that has lost the ability on their own.


Man Sunny sure was lucky that the random dude he was chained too in the mines turned out to be the ex defacto bad ass Abbot that is now central to everybodies storyline with the exception of Quinn, thats wow thats some kinda bullshit lol.

Watching fatboi pull a Raditz whilst fighting the monks on the table was cool. bitchMK starting to man up a bit which is cool.


Flea potentially being Widow is some bullshit storywise, but Widow did just say she used to be what MK is, plus it goes a long way to explaining why she kills everybody so easily

Sunny getting haunted by the ghosts of his past was pretty cool, hes probably gonna take a nerf in power level. Same with Quinn, even tho hes emotionally weak around bitches I cant help but feel his traumatic shoulda killed him last season brain cancer is gonna cripple his fighting ability in the next big bad fight.


That boy is done for


Good lord Quinn…


Oh this is going to backfire badly!!


Quinn nuttier than squirrel shit.


Man Chau’s guard is full of holes or just really oblivious. No one noticed or heard the non guard get on that cycle? Not even a ‘Huh!? What was that noise?’


This is soooooo fucked up


This shit is probably gonna cut off before the …would we even call it a rematch? Cause the first time wasn’t even really a fight. I’ll just say square off between Quinn and Sunny.

Edit: Sunny is gonna be BEYOND when he gets here…


She gonna commit Sudoku


Do you blame her!!!


Ooooh shit! Tilda gonna box with her moms… Let’s go!


Widow is not good at working Politics…and I know Tilda is mad but that is not a fight that she wants.

Guess we won’t get the square off till probably episode after next.


Damn…I can’t wait for next week. Shit is gonna hit the fan.


It’s Seppuku …


I’m going to be really surprised if Quinn survives his inevitable encounter with Sunny. Once Sunny hears of what he did to Veil, he HAS to end him, which sucks because Quinn is a great antagonist.

I’m usually not the one invested in “shipping” or whatever, but I got to admit I like that M.K. and Tilda haven’t skipped a beat regarding their romance, even though the whole “puppy love” plotline was relatively boring for me last season.Though I wonder what that means for Tilda’s lezzie best friend who smooched her a few weeks back? lol


So, you’re that guy, huh?


Sunny gonna go SSJ when he find out what Quinn been up to.

I can’t imagine they’ll have Widow kill Tilda, so it’ll be dope to see where all that ends up.