Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


gawd damn. sunny gonna go orochi


Nah, fam. He’s going to go M.U.G.E.N. on his azz…


Geez… I figured at this point they Baije and/or MK would know that Sunny wouldn’t do anything like that and just play along. There’s def some questionable things in this episode like Baije and his motorcycle that was mentioned above, but the fight scenes always make up for it.

When is the season finale?


The fuck?


Whoooooaaaaa… Hoooold the fuck up.


Just what we all figured. Surprised they confirmed it in the opening.


Ohhhhhhh snap…


Widow is welcome to dominate me all day and all night in that damn tight outfit :sweat:


Tactical nuke unlocked…GAWD DAMN!!!


Im starting to dislike the Widow… Bitch has 0 integrity. Can’t be trusted whatsoever. She switches sides every chance she gets.


Body parts all over the place like this is Mortal Kombat.


It always has to be that one chick!!!


Yeah, I’ve starting to have the same feeling.


It is ON! :wow:


Widow is about to whoop her ass!!


Tilda put in work. Idc what anyone says.


If only there was a proper “stylish action” game based on this world and characters… if such a thing became a reality I’m not sure I could handle that greatness in game form. :open_mouth:

Really, you have air combos, parries, X-factor/Devil Trigger… .it’s all there, folks.


I don’t think Tilda’s dead.


Tilda… tho tbf she too good for ole bitch ass MK she better off murked.


I have a strange feeling that The Widow comes from Azra. Her lack of interest in this mythical place is suspect.

Tilda has to be alive, although will probably be out of commission for a while. Although I get the feeling if MK finds out what happened to her he might regain his abilities in a fit of rage. Which just reminded me, I know The Master is probably going to show up at the worst possible moment near the end of season, I can feel it…