Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


Next episode then lol?


Tilda is that chick! Looks like season finale next week, hopefully is longer than an hour.


The Witch is nothing but a typical Gold Digger, you ain’t hot to her unless you have the bling and as soon as she sees something else her legs will be running over to that new shining point. Tilda ain’t dead either, just koed because she hasn’t hit her prime so she’s not capable of taking on the Widow. I know that more than likely now that Tilda will probably be the one to end The Widow in the future (Theory talking now) however it would be so much more gratifying to see Sunny splitting the Widow open, simply because he would be fully capable of mocking her while doing it for free.

Not gonna lie, I would still have a massive orgy with The Widow and all of her female cogs, but that doesn’t stop her from becoming a total bitch right now.

Hopefully their are some badass items in the vault that Waldo saved up while mentioning to Sunny, not to mention with how Waldo spoke to Sunny I’m hoping that this doesn’t lead to his demise, because I actually really like his character and the interactions that he has with Sunny is some of my favorite parts from the series.

I’m hoping that Sunny, Bajie and Waldo form a Trio in the future, because I believe they would be a perfect fit.


Hmmm… I wonder if they’ll go all GoT on us. Imagine Veil and Henry not making it?


I don’t know if they’re that cruel like GoT and having Sunnys entire family go, however I have a high belief that Veil is the one who’ll more than likely not make it within the series. I’m pretty sure about it, because no Hero this badass has this much baggage for this long of a time. Henry is probably going to grow up without his real momma, and Sunny is going to more than likely end up with another woman.

However I also have this sickening feeling that we’ll have some stupid Matrix movie bitter sweet ending where Sunny probably dies at the end while MK and Tilda end up raising Henry in Azra as the adoptive parents in the end.


I think most of us are in agreement that Veil probably won’t survive the series. I doubt she’ll survive the season finale.


i dont think ive seen widow kill anyone with “a kick”. so im also in agreement.


…did you just white girl trip? Really?


Per usual


Sonny really is Dante


hell yeah the lovely Tilda is still with us.

My baby Widow is looking better than ever though…we need more fine redheads in the world. :tup:


And he’s looking like Vergil lol


Kinda worried for Waldo right now…


holy shit it is ON. :wow:

*damn got him with that splash damage though…

Tilda’s new girlfriend is such a goddamn hot little piece… she has good taste.


Quinn is gonna regret not double tapping.



Nooooooooooo… Not like this…


Daaaaaaamn… Sonny got Injustice-style back 3’d.


Yo…Quinn just took a sword through the back and he had enough strength to block and fight for a few more seconds. IF YOU DON’T DOUBLE TAP THIS MAN.

Edit: and this is what happens when you don’t double tap. :frowning:



DAMMIT, SONNY! Why didn’t you decapitate that resilient fucker?!


classic hero mistake in a show or movie—you ALWAYS should make absolute sure that fucker is dead…because they’re always going to come back for one last desperation attack.