Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


aw shit he’s putting in the code, folks…

…MORSE code?! I was thinking he was about to reset his X-factor so he could heal up…


I told y’all Quinn was S-Rank.


It’d be funny if Quinn was still not dead… If this guy actually comes back a season from now lol.


I think everyone has seen it enough where we knew that shit was coming. I was saying to myself Sonny better cut Quinn’s head off. Tbh, I think it would have been better if Quinn had just killed Veil after he knocked her down with the dagger which in turn pisses Sonny off even more. Sonny recovered a bit TOO fast from that beating imo. I’ll give it a pass though because the fight was pretty badass and that’s what the main focus of the show is.

Not sure how Bajie escaped. I’m assuming he reawakened his powers and healed himself? But it looked like he was still in pain so he may have just sucked it up.


God dammit Quinn!!!


I sometimes wonder how self-aware this show is because I’m sure they had to know that we knew what was up when Quinn “died”; the moment Quinn no-sold being stabbed through the chest, it’d normally be common sense for someone of Sunny’s battle experience to MAKE DAMN WELL SURE a monster like Quinn was dead a thousand times over, But alas… R.I.P. Veil.

The fight definitely lived up to expectations, especially the when Quinn started wielding the sais like a total badass and doing that drop kick on Sunny. You definitely get the feeling it would require an entire army to take both these ultra-pro killers down. Definitely worth a rewatch.

Now next season we’ll finally get to see Azra. I knew nothing could hold an honorable weasel like Baijie down. lol


finally saw the finale…good lord. tryin to get on some game of thrones fuck your feelings shit


We all knew (or should’ve known) that Veil was done halfway through the season. She can’t fight, isn’t very interesting and was clearly just a carrot for Sunny making his way back.

Did they ever explain why she saved Quinn in the first place? Was it some “I’m a doctor, I save people” BS?

Doubt Bajie is dead - too good of a character to kill off in that manner.


Im curious now what the writers are gonna do to fill Quinn’s place. Sunny has a ton of enemies but there isnt anyone out there quite like Quinn. Widow with x-factor unlocked would definitely be a threat. Chau is probably gonna be more of a nuisance more than anything. Shit…thinking about it if the Master decides to roll in deep to get MK back that could be a path to go. There we go. Master could maybe be the Final Boss.


i assumed she saved quinn on some i need to keep my black ass alive. no way she was gettin out of the badlands with a baby without biding her time and getting info/lay of the land/friends


Veil dying was obvious as the majority of us already knew from the get go, she wasn’t going to last, imo the only woman who can be a match for Sunny is someone where he doesn’t need to play hero all the time, but that’s just me. Hopefully this time, Sunny gets a hot Brazilian lady, Middle Eastern or I guess the typical Caucasian girl. I want me some interracial relationships with Sunny please.

The finale fight was amazing.

Sunny getting low and chopping peoples legs off reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection scene where he utilized the nunchucks to smack the feet on the japanese dojo fighters, however instead we have Sunny utilizing a damn sword and putting all of his opponents on the handicap plan!

Rufus “Bajie” had me reeling again, and honestly, he seriously is the SF4 character in the flesh, I’m completely amazed at how fast the actor can move considering he’s not a guy that you would deem “fit”, and having him parry and counterattacking all of the baddies with the duo nunchucks had me on tilt.

Quinn is S+ Tier, and it seriously makes me wonder what the match up would have been like with an uninjured Sunny vs a Young Prime Quinn. I’m so going to miss his character now that he’s gone, however “maybe” they’ll do some crazy voodoo thing where Quinn comes back alive again, I seriously don’t know.

However from here on out I have no idea how they’re going to set up another Main Antagonist to be on Quinns level or bigger, since at the moment Sunny is in his prime and absolutely invincible. This is the only show that gets my blood boiling with actual great fighting choreography where as most other western shows that involves fights have to do all that stupid camera trickery these days because their actors/actresses can’t fight worth a damn.

A moment of silence for Quinn…now…

Rufus getting some morse code going has me now wondering what the Azra people really have in store. Curious since I don’t know how large the land mass of the Badlands is, but is it supposed to be say on a large continent or is it just something like the size of England or what? From the looks of it, that seems to be the case, and I’m just wondering if Azra will arrive on ships, because I would lose myself if they’re using vintage WWII battleships.

All theory of course…

With Quinn now gone though, Sunny is undisputed S+ Tier until the “new” baddie shows up and hopefully he/she steps it up because Quinn was legendary.

However Damn, Season 3 confirmed 1 month before Season 2 ended and we won’t have to wait 2 years, but only until next year of 2018 and more on top of that…15 Effing Episodes for Season 3!!! My Body Can’t Wait!


Can’t give enough props to the actors, choreographers and stunt team. Brilliant finale

lol at Quinn pulling out the Resurrection super art like 3 times, wouldn’t surprise me if he still not dead :rofl:


They just need to find a way to bring Quinn back every season, like Baxter Stockman in the 2K2 TMNT series.

Dude brings too much to the table as a presence.


The Master and Widow are the only 2 S tier and above badass left to give Sonny a challenge!!


Didn’t Sunny body Widow though and left her licking her wounds for a good while? She’s tough, but I don’t see her going the distance with Sunny like Quinn or The Abbots did.


Nah, she can’t mess w/ Sonny. Maybe if she can get her Trigger back.


Yo I need a prime Quinn show now. Dude was like the damn terminator, Sonny would have no chace vs this maniac in a straight up 1v1 lol, Quinn even styled on him with back up sai when sonny had the moon sword.


The Widow vs. Tilda || Into The Badlands [vids]


Fuck off. Disliked the video. You’re welcome.