Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


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May Putin nuke whatever shithole the uploader is hiding in!

Oh shit. Big dude wants his moon sword back. Also Black Jesus trying to pull a Roah!

Cant help but feel the show has peaked without Quinn comming back but hell, bring season 3 on, I am ready.




Dude…you gotta eat. You better kill that deer. I don’t care how many of it’s family comes out in the open.

Sooooo…Sunny’s kid has x-factor. That’s gonna be interesting.


Gonna check it out after work.


Wifey’s fight was epic!


I didn’t think I could be any more attracted to The Widow, but lo and behold…

-Sunny’s kid having the gift, especially at such an early age means that his potential might exceed that other kid. It also means once The Widow figures this out she will want to kill Sunny to get her hands on him.

-The “advanced” civilization folks don’t seem as advanced as I expected. Their civilization seems entirely based on using those with “the gift” rather than advanced tech and weaponry like a lot of us expected. The black faux-Ramses/Xerxes dude claiming godhood might be on some OP shit though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some ki-blasts and vanishes in the near future.


Reminder show is about to come on!

I had to get caught up in the previous episode before this one. Looks like MK may have his X-factor back.

Yeah I don’t see this ending well for Tilda. She’s picked up some skills but she’s def not on Moon’s level. She’s needs to dip.


huh…guess he didn’t get his gift back?

NM he did! Also fuck that girl for not giving Bajie at least a tiny bit of gratitude.


Baije being selfless for once and he got chastised for it, how sad. I kinda understand the woman’s feelings, she made peace with her death only to wake up with one leg missing and probably near delirious with pain. That’s a lot of stuff to digest all at once, she might “repay” him in the future once she gets her head right.

Crazily enough, Baije might actually be the “chosen one” too.

“Re-Gifted” MK is probably going for Sunny’s head, and now Moon is out for blood as well. Speaking of Moon, was he sneaking the sausage to Lydia when Quinn was still in power? Lydia doesn’t seem too unfamiliar with him judging by the way she knew how to fix his drink.

The Widow seems to be on her last legs. No MK, no Tilda, and her Regent is about to face the deadliest Clipper with uncertain results. We’ll see…


I think it was far more than implied that Lydia and Moon had something going on at some point. I think they had something going while Moon was a Regent for Quinn probably before Lydia got married to Quinn. Moon was gonna dip and offered Lydia to come with and she told him no. Pretty sure it went along those lines based on the convo.


im a lil sad this show strayed away from the heavy anime influence. like wtf was the point of this kid talking to his inner hollow lmfao.


Reminder! Into the Badlands tonight. Should be coming on really soon after Fear the Walking Dead is done.

Edit 1: Damn…getting baby napped by blind people. Can’t trust nobody out here.

Edit 2: That…is a horrible choice.

Edit 3: Ahh shit…Moon and Sunny might be on a collision course

Edit 4: Whoa…kind of surprised Widow saved Pilgrim from that arrow…then again she’s usually always thinking long term so probably has an end game.

Edit 5: I figured the Pilgrim was a badass but damn…

Edit 6: Yo these blind samurai guys are crazy lol.

Edit 7: looks like a lot of shit is going down next week.


I’m really enjoying S3 alot, and Nathaniel has become one of my favorites this season without question. Sunny is always Top Tier, however this season he hasn’t gotten as many super amazing fights, well that probably has to do more with the fact that he’s been taking on storm trooper level minions so it’s to be expected.

The fight between Gaius and whatever the other guys name is within the museum was absolutely epic, especially when Gaius pulled out the samurai sword and was trying to parry all of the offensive strikes at close proximity.

As to how this series never wins awards for fighting choreography beats the heck out of me, considering how amazing some of the fights throughout the seasons have been.

The concept of the Blind Cannibals was amazing, and how they became the way they were is really sad though.

I am really enjoying this season and to be honest, more so than even S2. My only gripe is that I want to see Sunny (the best fighter in the series) to take on some Top Tier talent.

Lastly, is it just me or does the Widow look hotter each season…those high heels of hers can kick me anyday, if I could get a chance to lay with her for a night. Damn!

For some reason, I have this fetish and hope that her and Sunny will knock it up a few rounds in the future. Impossible due to their perceptions and their desires but still.


No you’re right. The Widow has been looking more fine which each passing season!

But yeah I’m relieved that Sunny and Moon didn’t have to face off, because I know another confrontation would mean only man survives and the plot would obviously dictate that being Sunny. Moon is too badass to get rid of just yet…

The dual short sword-wielding assassin is pretty badass; I’ve seen him in other action films and he makes a great addition to the cast of elite fighters.

The blinded clippers love story is sad indeed, and it showed how even Sunny’s regent has had a lot of blood on his hands as well. One thing I love about this show is that most of the central characters are at best morally grey and worst complete monsters- everybody has blood on their hands if they’re survivors.


Show should be coming on soon.

Edit 1: heeey some backstory on the Widow!

Edit 2: Yo the Pilgrim is OP right now. I get the feeling he’s probably only been showing 70% probably at the most. He’s probably got some other crazy technique shit he hasn’t shown yet.

Edit 3: also a small tease into Sunny backstory. Nice.

Edit 4: Well next week we get to see Bajie use an Octopus as nunchuks…Octochuks?


Emily Beecham, the “Widow” continues to be the absolute hottest damn redhead on television…one of the finest I’ve ever seen, actually. Holy crap, man… and the accent is lovely.

I’m already needing to get caught up; I watched an older episode earlier today then fell asleep, so now there’s last week’s episode and this new one to watch later.

*yep, Pilgrim is one of the new top tiers. One interesting thing is when those 2 younger characters found the view-finder toy, and saw pictures of “the old world”… most people alive in this time don’t even know what happened to the old civilization.


This show always sucks when MJ becomes the centre of attention.


Do you mean MK?

Pilgrim is definitely OP, and it’s cool to finally see an non-Gifted individual use Ki-based attacks. Seeing as this is a post-apocalyptic world with a past identical to ours, I wonder if these abilities are actually spiritual or the result of experimentation (i.e., for super-soldiers)


yes, yes I did.


Damn…couldn’t go 3 minutes in this place without starting a fucking brawl that spilled over into the entire market place. Also…DEATH…BY PORCUPINE.

Ex wife eh? Makes total sense.


I’m having to get caught up here… just saw episode 4 with the blind cannibals… and the new one is about to come on now so I’m still going to be 2 episodes behind…

*whoahhh Pilgrim can actually shut the “dark gift” down?!! :open_mouth:

The TnA report— Tilda is actually looking quite nice this season… she’s coming along nicely, I see… one to keep an eye on for sure. I guessed correctly that she has some Greek in those genetics. The name is Ally Loannides…nothing exceptionally sexy on her instagram page just yet but I’ll be keeping tabs.