Into The Badlands - Discussion Thread


Yeah Pilgrim being able to do that along with his skills puts him in the upper tiers easily. Straight up counter pick for x-factor.

I FREAKING KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN. Bajie should have seen this coming to be honest.



Pilgrim being able to fight blindfolded against armed combatants is also an exceptional feat. I have a feeling we’re barely seeing the full extent of his abilities.

At least it’s now confirmed that Pilgrim and his followers aren’t from Azrah but looking for it as well. I’m really hoping that by the season finale we’ll get to see even a glimpse of the supposed utopia.



sheeeeit, the frizzy haired, light-skinned young girl that works for Pilgrim is quite the cutie… I’d ravage. The older asian woman baron in white is a good one too…then there’s my #1 honey Widow; Emily Beecham (she may actually be inducted into my Magnificent 5…the girl is absolutely legendary, imo) THE sexiest redhead currently on television. This show is loaded with hotness.

I’m getting caught up on it now. Heh, I still love that Pilgrim has the ability to so casually shut people’s dark power down… like you popped X-factor for the comeback and he just immediately turns your shit off like “Nahhh.”



I’m starting to think Pilgrim functions as living mechanism for the “Gifted”. Sunny is a catalyst and Pilgrim might be something else, which is why he can shut their powers down.

I hope this show gets some kind of awards for their choreography, because it does a better job of doing fight choreography than many bigger budget martial arts flicks.



Just got caught up today so I’m ready for the shit that goes down tonight. That scene where Sunny was Jackie Chaning those guys with the Ladder was awesome.

Edit: Heeeey!! Figured she survived that…looks like a lot of blood. Aaand here we go with this…

Pilgrim was already OP and now you lvled him up Sunny. There’s no way this ends well. Also Widow…ahh man…Next season is gonna be lit!

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That slow mo camera made its money’s worth during this episode lol



Just finished the episode. I’m expecting Kenshiro to be introduced next season lol. So much of this feels lifted off several Hokuto stories.
Sunny is going to punch a horse at some point :laughing:



Watched the last episode, and it was Epic.

My Thoughts.

People keep saying that MK going Super Soldier gave him the edge over Sunny, however imo in that fight, Sunny wasn’t looking to win or flat out defeat MK. He was in fact looking to subdue him more than anything, a fully intent to kill Sunny fights completely different from the current Sunny whom within this season has only really been fighting simply as a last resort.

MK is slightly less annoying this season and still the most unappealing story side for me within all of this. If not for him being able to go Super Soldier, he’d be getting jobbed by the majority of the central cast.

I wished Nathaniel still had two hands instead of only one, I would bet that a non-handicapped Nathaniel would’ve probably massacred the entire or the majority of Chau’s front line had he’d charged in a similar situation but with his right hand intact.

Also, I cannot stress this enough…people need to listen to Bajie Rufus, that guy has always had an overall good head on his shoulders.

Lastly, down below are some of my own thoughts about the upcoming Season 4 (they could be wrong, but whatever, it’s time for theory talk now)…

Pilgrim will definitely be the Big Bad Antagonist for the next season and without question he’s going to create a new army of Super Soldiers with the gift.

The Master was probably the good one after all since she was probably either trying to prevent what Pilgrim is basically pushing for, or else she’s building her own group of Super Soldiers whom have the capability to control their gifts so that they can challenge the threat of someone like Pilgrim whom was “prophesied.”

Not only that, but the Masters Gifted individuals imo are stronger because they have the capabilities to utilize pressure points to immobilize others.

These are probably the reasons why The Widow has now been taken in by the Master, because she’ll be a vital “General” in the coming war between The Master and Pilgrim.

Sunny effed up, but it’s understandable only because his situation is, he’s had a pretty trash life, very few vague memories of his past and his only redeeming light is Henry. Due to this he basically made the mistake of helping Pilgrim, which although cures Henry, he’s basically bringing about the second destruction of the world which occurred 500 years ago (Bajie Rufus…listen to your friend!).

Some people have said that the Master is actually Sunny’s sister however with Nathaniel saying that she hasn’t been seen would make me believe she isn’t, not to mention isn’t she said to be over 100+ years old?

The thought of a Gifted Sunny would be awesome, since he’s already S-Tier level, but this would basically make him Shin-Sunny, however I’ve always enjoyed the fact that “suppressed” Sunny if you will has always been able to not only contend but dominate in a world that has Super Beings.

Still the idea of seeing a Shin-Sunny in action would be impossible to pass up on.

Overall, this season imo has been the absolute best, because we’re finally bridging out of the “Baron Wars” and getting to something that is even bigger than that.

I want to see Sunny, Bajie Rufus, The Widow, Nathaniel, The Master, Pilgrim etc all within the same plot line, as I’m hoping for within the next season.

Looking forward to Season 4!



It’s funny how we were lead to believe that is was something like a nuclear holocaust that created this post-apocalyptic world, but in reality it was a bunch of omega gifted super soldiers and their gifted acolytes that basically laid waste to the planet.

The Master’s arrow-freeze feat is probably the most OP thing we’ve seen in the entire series and terrifying sign of things to come now that Pilgrim and Sunny have initiated doomsday. I think The Master, The Widow, and MK might represent the pinnacle of their kind and it’s really only knowledge that separate their strength and skill.

What’s been most fascinating about this season is that major players haven’t been downright villains (Chau was never a really a major player, just a Baron on borrowed time) but have their own vision on how to improve the Badlands.

The Widow, Lydia and Pilgrim have done shady and underhanded things this season, but nothing born out of malice, conquest, or bloodlust, simply as a means to an end goal of peace. This makes their motivations seem genuine even in the midst of such a chaotic environment. Lydia still has her selfish streak, but at the end of the day she hasn’t made any choices that go contrary to her newfound values. This is why even the though the show at a glance has a superficially flat facade, it’s characters are surprisingly deep. Virtually every protagonist has blood on their hands- Sunny, MK and Tilda, and the current major antagonists have nearly the same amount of good deeds and misdeeds, making them feel real. In real life no one thinks of themselves as villains, and when confronted will often call their dubious actions “misunderstood”.

This is probably my favorite ongoing series at the moment, especially since Westworld has been rather “meh” this season.

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as crazy as shit has been. its more or less been pretty reality-ish but that masters move…welp we gone full kung fu jedis.



Good news: the show will be returning to AMC (with back-to-back episodes), March 24th and 25th.

Bad news: This will be its final season :frowning_face:



Thanks for the heads up man.



Happy it’s back…extremely disappointed this is the last season.

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It’s sad that this magnificent, superbly choreographed series is ending, but it’s great that -

  1. We’re getting a definitive conclusion and not some Fox~esque random cliffhanger cancellation that would haunt us until we’re in our graves.

  2. They’re not trying to stretch the story until the show becomes a shadow of its former self, like another AMC show we all used to know and love…

  3. Netflix loves casting resurrection spells on once-canceled shows these days.



Man, it does break my heart that this awesome series is ending, however at least it won’t get ruined like what we saw with TWD (they build things up, make everyone happy, than screw them over, and it’s phase #1 all over again. For how many seasons now?).

All I hope is that if this “is” the end, that the fighting is at it’s absolute best and that we’re witnessed to arguably some of the greatest fight scenes for a TV show.

I want all of these things to happen, and plus, we all want to see Top-Tier Sunny laying the smack down as always.

Been waiting a long time for the second half of this season, and now I’m glad that it’s just a little over a month away only. Can’t Wait!



Damn I need to get caught up!!!
Last epsiode I saw was Quinn finally getting merked by Sonny, and him riding off with his baby, in the season finale



Sneak peek

I miss this show already…



Yeah I’m going to miss The Widow…I mean the show too fam :pensive:



“Final Episodes” trailer.



Yoooo The Master has a gold eyed form, she’s been hiding tech.