Into The Heart Of Battle Ryu Thread!

Ryu looks like the SF4 model to me but with some TvC love. Appears to have his SF4 VA. One confirmed super Shin-Hadoken

add more about Ryu as news comes and speculate, and theory fighter

Hadouken (air): QCF+A
Shoryuken: DP+A
Hurricane Kick (air): QCB+A
Sliding Hick Kick: RDP+A

Shinkuu Hadoken: QCF+2A (can aim with joystick)
Shinkuu Tatsumaki: QCB+2A

Looks the opposite to me, TVC model with some SF4 aesthetics

I hope the shotos fare better in this game than in mvc2

Who seriously gives a shit about Ryu? The only reason he’s in the game at all is to maintain the status quo.

What to ask for… I dunno, maybe give him red fireball and fake fireball just for the hell of it? Really, what could you possibly want from him at this point?

There’s two Ryu threads. ~.~

Oh, and I agree with PsychoJosh.

My Ryu thread was second… didn’t see this one. WOOPS!

Fake FB in a VS game would be useless unless it was cancellable into ANYTHING, including movement.


I honestly agree with you there. Even though Ryu is my favorite SF character I do get tired of seeing him all the time.
As for the gameplay. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the same Ryu from TvC.

Gotta say, watching Ryu and Wolverine fight on that rooftop gave me goosebumps.

i think its a given his super arts will be super tatsu, shin hadoken, and shin shoryuken

TvC Ryu is the most fun version of Ryu to date. If he is anything like that he will be great.

agreed, his movements in TvC were great! he had that nice 3rd strike slick ease to his animations but yet still kept up some speed. Itd be great to have that in mvc3, the last time i had fun using ryu in a versus game was xmen vs street fighter.

air combo > air throw > shinkuu
throw > otg > *
corner air combo > otg > hopkick > cancel airgrab > *
dash > lp, mp, hopkick (repeat)
OG Ryu corner inf
All Shoto inf (lk, u+mk, u+hk air inf)
Plus all 6 hits magic series, invincible DP

I want this Ryu back myself.

Haha, its not even fair when I play XSF!

Ryu looks like shit in mvsc3 =/

He also looked like shit in the first images we got of SF4. Sure, some people may say he still looked like shit in the final version of the game, but there was a massive improvement between the two.


The only thing that I want, and I’m sure many others want is complete change ryu. ken akuma ryu all in one fun package.

shin-shoryuken not 3 supers please, if he plays anything like he does in 2. I doubt he will, but just something to think about.

This is early beta stuff, I’m very sure and confident he’ll look alot better when within the upcoming months. Also, some people do give a shit about Ryu as a playable character, he was absolutely terrible in contrast to many of the characters in MvC2. In MvC1 he was powerful hit for hit, but was so ridiculously slow in contrast to this Prequel versions. I’m hoping that his moves have more priority and that he’s given things that can help him more within the game engine of a Marvel vs Game. I could have sworn that the creators of Capcom simply believed that Ryu could still use some of his OG SF tactics in a game with triple jumps, air dashes, 8-way jumps, Assist, all those crazy options and be a feasible character…I’m sorry but Ryu’s footsies won’t save him here, and his zoning game with projectiles don’t work well up against characters with beams that multi-hit. He needs a good reworking to compensate himself here.

Ryu looks great in this early build :karate:

I’d like to see him regain the ability to switch shoto modes like he did in MVC1. It would make him a little more interesting/playable and would eliminate the redundancies of having more than one shoto.

MvC1 Ryu was my favorite. I liked that he could change into Ken and Akuma’s move sets. I wish they would do that again

Though Ryu is iconic and a must-have for MvC3, I agree with all the people that say he should be able to switch into Akuma and Ken forms.

That alone would make him as interesting as most Marvel characters, because as of now, Marvel characters seem too interesting to pass up for characters such as Ryu or Chun-Li, imo. The only thing that would make them appealing is a high placement on the future tier list, and I hate when that’s a barrier to playing the characters you personally like.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see Shoryureppa or Raging Demon with the new graphics?