INTO THE HEAT OF BATTLE! (3s,ST!,Sf4 2v2) - Chinatown Fair New York,NY 04/18/09

OK since the last tournament turn out was great I’m gonna run another like promised! So lets get this HYPE started!

The rundown:

3s Singles

Format: 2/3,finals 3/5, Double Elim.

Winner takes all unless a large amount of people show.

In-game judgement does NOT deicides who wins.
5$ per player. Pay per play 25 Cents(CF TOKEN).

If more than 20 people show up I’ll see if they want teams.

Payout rules: 20 people winner takes all or 70/30 or spilt it’s up to the winner. 30 + people 70/20/10


"Street Fighter 4 2v2 Teams"
2v2 rules:

Each team is made up of two players.

A team cannot have two of the same characters.

Players must stick with their characters throughout the tournament.

Winner stays and plays the next player on op team.

Same 5$ per player. Pay per play 1$

Run by Me (Vizard)

Super Turbo:

Format- A-Cho style 2v2

* Each team is made up of two players
* A team cannot have two of the same character
* Players must stick with their characters throughout the tournament
* In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.

2$ a team, pay per play 25 Cents (Cf Token)

Ok last time there was A LOT of different tournaments happening so hopefully more people will come but seriously…Show up on time! For the love of god we were starting the finals in sf4 and someone comes up to me and tells me to sign them up for sf4 :rolleyes: please show up on time.

I’m gonna start earlier this time but let me know if it’s too early cause people got work + travel so:

SIGN UPS AT 4:30pm

3s STARTS at 5:00pm Sharp!

SF4 STARTS at 6:00pm Sharp!

Like i said let me know if you guys need changes and I’ll see what I can do.

If anyone else wanna run Marvel,BlazBlue,Super Turbo,Etc let me know the rules
and entry fee and I’ll add it.


AHHHHHH SHIT!!! Yo i heard from a little birdie that nicaKO got lucky at castle golf…AHEM<<<<<<ooooX>>>>>> but yea lets run sum shit, anybody wanna money match, im all ears, jus one stipulation for my matches, i shall require THE cf stool that most of the asainz steal for puzzlefighter…that iz all

Yo, I’d rather 3S just be singles right away, I didn’t join last time cause I thought it was 2v2 but by the time I find out you guys switched to singles the matches already began.

3S singles please.

Also… in need of a teammate for SFIV. :smiley:

Ok. This time there WILL be ST. Rules same as 3S except the entry fee is $2.00 US per team.

I wish SF4 was 25 cents per play for tournaments. :frowning:

count me and my brother in for SF4! HYPE HYPE YEAHHHHHHHHH

First post updated with new rules and 3s switched to singles. I’ll add Super turbo when I get on a pc instead of my phone.


Get Hype

oh ?? i guess i getting 2nd is lucky lol

and if X-rated was the one who said that lol…beating him 3-0 doesnt seem like luck at all…

AHEM- [media=youtube]hc46BaQW1Xk[/media]

i just dont understand the hate :sad:

but anyways ill most likely be there can we PLZZ not start 3s at like 9 like last time…when top 8 comes around for sf4 thats when 3s should begin IMO

^^^ fuk it nica, if niggas wanna hate then let it be, like i told u on saturday if they cant beat u, they aint shit but w.e i digress yooo deadazz, who wants to play a scrub for money???:lovin:

3:30pm sf4 starts, 4:00pm 3s starts, hey anakron what time you wanna start ST?


If CTF was Jap style sit down cabs with Sanwa parts…:sad:

Soooo, if you’re entering SF4, you can’t enter 3S pretty much. Am I right?

Wat? You can do both

yea i know man…i had like 3 other ppl who told me the same thing that very same day lol

but yea we’ll just see how things go…ill be seeing you guys on the 18th =)

Stop complaining and practice. Most of the 3s people like myself ,Frenzii, adam, and about 60% of the people play at home with jap stick but we just adapt thus making us better as players.

Um no you can enter both just lets says your match is up in 3s let me know and I’ll push you match in sf4 til later and vice versa.

First post updated with Super turbo!

I’m still joining the 3S tourny, but not doing a money match on them.

anyone wanna meet up sometime this week at CTF for some 3s and/or sf4

im gonna be heading out there after class on tues/wed and maybe thurs or friday

I’ll be heading down to CF sometime this week also possibly with sergio and henaki.